Modules with specific conditions availiable?

Hi there,

I have recently finished nwn2 with the 3 official campains (main, motb, soz, mow).
Afterwards I am interested in going through some additional modules, with keeping my gear, level, stats, inventory, etc.

So I have searched a bit on the net, but havent found any list with this conditions (and going through every other list I didnt have the time for by now, even in the evenings)

Maybe someone has made a privatly owned list that meets those conditions or can point me in the direction of an already existing one (english isnt my mothertongue, so maybe the my searchparameters on the net didnt fit)

thx and best regards

There are only one or two mods that allow you to continue OC/MotB characters. A few more allow continued play for SoZ and MoW characters.

This was my list as of last summer.