Moneo for EE? [Solved]

Does moneo work for EE?

Attempting to open an EE module in moneo, with a path that appears to be correct, the script dies at the “or die” clause, which doesn’t seem very promising!

I guess a workaround is to export gff files to 1.69 for manipulation with moneo, but obviously that’s an overhead.

I had no problems with that, but I am stuck at 2 years old patch so maybe something changed.


I found the problem - moneo will tolerate blanks in file names, but not in folder names. The problem with EE is the blank in the folder name “Neverwinter Nights” which was “NeverwinterNights\nwn” in 1.69. The simple workaround is to use curly braces, for example

%mod = {'C:\Users\Proleric\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules\mymod.mod'} or die;

Oh. I am copying the module into folder with moneo and returning it only when I check the changes were successful.