More EE Lighting Issues

Warm winds and hello again. I’ve been exploring various aspects of the new update and have found a number of significant changes to way the game looks (vs what it used to look like). One such issue is with some of the mundane portal placeables (in the CEP 2.65 but probably in a lot of packaged or free standing custom content).


This is with enhanced lighting turned off. You see colors, the lighting is reflected appropriately on the hot air balloon, etc:

And this is when you turn Enhanced Lighting on:

And then this is just a toolset view, and all looks well here:

Anyone have any ideas?

Could it be that the portal uses a water texture from one of tha vanilla tilesets? Maybe the light and waves on the new water won’t work if it is vertical instead of horizontal or it is meant to represent rapids or a waterfall depending on how vertical the mesh is.

Hmmm, so the new lighting is intertwined with the new water? That would probably explain why it looks normal with Enhanced Lighting turned off, but whacked out when turned on. But not entirely. The “sheen” is present when on or off, but what’s more, there are some colors/textures in that pieces that could not have used water textures – the red trim around the portal, the brown framework. Those have been white-washed as well, almost the way that the flash from a camera does to something you are trying to take a picture of.

Is there another setting I am unware of, or is this what we’re stuck with now?

My guess would be that the CEP water texture TXI files need to be updated. Easy enough to do by copying parameters from one of the vanilla TXI files - I use the TTR water TXI as a reference. The latest Preview patch fixes some issues with metals and lighting.