Motb betrayer's gate won't open

My PC has the Sword of Gith and at the proper gate, but upon clicking the only action possible is to ‘unlock’ the gate (to no avail). Right clicking and selecting ‘Use’ does nothing. Someone at GOG told me to try “rs b08_a_betrayers_gate_opening” … I got a ‘successful’ message, but nothing happened.
Whenever I approach the gate, Shadows of the Void appear on the other side and I can’t interact with them, though the party members begin casting every spell they have.
If the above console code is the only gate code, is there code that would enable me to ‘transport’/‘drop’ my party into the next area?

Do you have the sword equipped?

yes. Clicking it only shows the 5 ‘forms’ as uses. I’ve also tried opening the gate after I reinstalled the GOG version, as well as my original disks (still have the key codes) and playing from an earlier save (before Myrkul).

if you can upload a savedgame at the Gate (preferably before even trying to open it) and link to it here

i or @travus or anyone with a bit of extra time (and familiarity with the toolset) can investigate …

sounds like trouble; if you upload a save, try to get it before that starts

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If this is the problem, could you just remove the condition, gc_is_enemy_near(30,0) from the dialogue and stick it in the campaign folder?

I’ve tried having them ‘stand their ground’ at the steps going down. But that does nothing for opening the gate. The PC’s only options seem to be ‘bash’, which has no effect, and ‘open lock’ which has no effect.

Not sure what you mean. This problem is happening in the original MOTB campaign.

that should have started a dialog … so you’re not getting a dialog when you click the gate?


download and install

run it and Set Destination “Z_X1” (without quotes)

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Yes I know, but the conversations are loaded into your save when you first load the module.
In this case B_X1. By removing the first line of the dialogue, it will no longer check if there are enemies about and end the dialogue. By putting them in the Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign_X1 folder, they will override the original files from the module. b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG (2).txt (197.5 KB) b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG.txt (29.0 KB) You will have to remove the .txt from the files if you want to try it.
The problem with just jumping to the Z_X1 module is that you will miss the conversation, which could be important if you are romancing Safiya.

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@olnorton what’s the difference between those two .DLG files …? which one to use …

ah, looks like

b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG (2).txt -> b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG
b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG.txt     -> b08_betrayers_gate.DLG

bit of a typo there i think,

The first one is the conversation that is assigned to the gate.
It begins [A terrible wrongness hangs in the air… a sense that this gate should not be.]
The second is the one that is fired by the gates on click script b08_a_betrayers_gate_opening
It’s all way too complicated for me.
I simply removed the first line from each, because both had an enemies near by, end dialogue condition.

EDIT: I see what you mean.
I tried again to upload the b08_betrayers_gate.DLG but the forum software renames it to b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG
b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG.txt (29.0 KB)
This one needs to be renamed b08_betrayers_gate.DLG
The 197.5 KB one above needs to be renamed b08_betrayers_gate_opening.DLG

holy diana that is confusing …

apparently b08_betrayers_gate plays first and unlocks the door,
then b08_betrayers_gate_opening plays and transitions the party to Z_X1 …

It looks to me like somebody was relying on idiosyncracies of the engine to make that work, or in this case not work,


should be okay as long as grassBlade carefully renames the files according to my mapping above …

Thank you both. I passed the Gate and got Safiya’s (uninspiring) eternal love :slight_smile:
(I’m really going to have to start using the toolset.)
So, out of curiosity, the bug appeared because of the existence of enemies?


Inspirational or no, her love gives you +35 magic resistance and +2 wisdom.
I’m glad you got it working.


True, though my Bard/Ranger/RDD PC had started the campaign with 20+ in virtually every stat (thanks to +8 gear he picked up in the OC)

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