For some reason the witches do not spawn after I exit the veil theater. Killed all red wizards, gnolls etc… Pretty sure I looted everything both prime and shadow planes. No joy. I did rest before coming out if that makes a difference; Safiya and I both used a ton of spells that I wanted back. Suggestions? Anybody know the console code to trigger them?

this might help

// 'fixexitveil'
	Console script.

	MotB. The witches can fail to appear when exiting the Veil Theater near the
	start of MotB. The OnClientEnter script for
		Module B_X1 Area b02_mulsantir_town - b02_client_enter
	expects that the player's journal have quest q20_veil_ally set to 300 for
	the 3 witches to appear and start a cutscene with the PC.

	This script has 2 modes.
	bForce 0 - merely prints the state of q20_veil_ally to chat
	bForce 1 - also forces the state of q20_veil_ally to 300

	debugmode 1
	rs fixexitveil(0)
	debugmode 0

	- create this script in /override with the toolset closed
	- then open the toolset and compile it
	- load a save and run it BEFORE exiting the Veil Theater (typically)

const string sQ20_VEIL_ALLY = "q20_veil_ally";

void main(int bForce)
	object oPc = GetFirstPC();

	int iState = GetJournalEntry(sQ20_VEIL_ALLY, oPc);
	SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(FALSE), sQ20_VEIL_ALLY + "= " + IntToString(iState));

	if (bForce)
		AddJournalQuestEntry(sQ20_VEIL_ALLY, 300, oPc, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE);

		iState = GetJournalEntry(sQ20_VEIL_ALLY, oPc);
		SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(FALSE), sQ20_VEIL_ALLY + "= " + IntToString(iState) + " changed");

I suggest u run it just to check what the quest state is … i dont know what updates it TO 300 … but whatever does that, it seems likely that it didn’t get triggered … (i could look that up i guess if you want that info – or just force the state and carry on. I don’t foresee any probls. there)


Thanks, but I don’t know how to use the tool set. I just restarted and made more saves. This time everything went smoothly.