[MOTB] One of Many's ascension to godhood crashes my game

Hello. This is my first post here so I may be in the wrong place. If so, please tell me where I should ask my questions regarding this topic.

When I talk to OoM after it asked me to speak to it alone, the game crashes when its transformation begins, without an error message being displayed.

The nwn2reportlog file’s last entries read:

Entered dialog: | One of Many switches to the God. |
One of Many: [Dialog] | One of Many switches to the God. |
Received 1 dialog options: 0.

The nwn2_errorlog first two paragraphs read:

[…]nwn2main.exe caused an Access Violation exception in module nwn2main.exe at 0023:00639e66.
Read from location 00002b2c caused an access violation.
System Info:
8 processor(s), type 586.
1 % Memory Load.
0 MBytes physical memory.
3058 MBytes available memory.
0 MBytes total virtual memory.
2878 MBytes available virtual memory
0 MBytes total page file.
2644 MBytes available page file

I have seen several people mentioning this bug on different websites (NWN2 fandom wiki, old NWN2 forums, etc.) but no mention of a fix anywhere.

Is my evil playthrough doomed, or is there a way to solve this bug?

Thank you for your time.

A quick test has it working fine here, making it a bit hard to troubleshoot. It might help to upload a save game for people to take a look at.

Thank you for your answer.

What should I upload exactly? I’m a noob and my save folder has a bunch of files in it.


Upload an archive of the whole save folder (not the “saves” folder, but the subfolder itself, for example “000000 - quicksave”).

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Alright. The files are too heavy for this forum so here’s a link:

Still working for me, so unsure of what it might be, but a few possibilities come to mind. Adding an archive with two possible things to try here.

First try placing oneofmany_god.utc in your override folder (Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override by default), see if it crashes still. If that doesn’t work, remove it, and place ka_despawn_oom.ncs in your override instead. This will make some things not work as they should, so don’t consider it a permanent fix, but it might help figuring out what exactly is causing the issue.
oomgod.7z (4.2 KB)

Hi again.

I copy pasted the oneofmany_god.utc file in the override folder. Nothing changed, the crash still happened.

I then removed it from the override folder and placed the ka_despawn_oom.ncs file in its stead. Same result.

Thank you for trying at least.

There was a third file in your archive that you didn’t mention in your instructions, with the same name as the second one, but with a .nss format. Was I supposed to do something with it?


No, that’s just the uncompiled script, it’s just there if anybody should want to have a look at it.

Another thing you can try, create a new blank text file in your override directory, and rename it “ka_spawn_oom_god.ncs” (make sure the extension gets changed, Windows doesn’t show extensions by default). Again, won’t fix it, but might help figuring out what is causing it.

Still nothing. The file extension changed, but the crash was still there, as before.


Do you have some different sound CODECs installed?

Is the crash happening when a VFX with a sound effect fires?

I had a crash that sounds similar to this when certain VFX with attached sounds fired. In the end I had to uninstall some sound CODECs packages.

Ok, I managed to copy link I mean:

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer.

I suppose there’s an audio VFX when OoM transforms? I have no issue when another sound fires up though.

I downloaded the tool you suggested, but I don’t seem to have any 3rd-party codec installed, so I doubt our respective problems are linked.



That was my guess.

My own system only crashed on certain sounds too. That is, only the odd sound crashed my game, and was why it took me months to find.

More important than that tool, is to be aware if you have Nero or Cyberlink installed, or anything that may have installed codecs that are now out of date in some way.

Another thing you could try, is to reinstall any sound drivers as well.

From your description and the tests already carried out by others on your saved game file, it suggests that your problem is either system or game install related. As the problem is repeatable for you, then it does sound very much like this.

Let us all know what the solution turns out to be if you find it.