MS base module updated

I uploaded the most recent version of my Mannast Simplified Base Module today. There is also a patch for updating older modules. Hopefully the new bits are worth trying it out and please feel free to let me know if something is particularly irksome. This weekend marks the end of my being away from a real office, so likely my time will be severely limited with NWN going forward. Be Safe!


Uploaded version 0.4 today.
December 2021

Uploading version 0.4. uploaded v.0.4 patch. Updated documentation.

AID system provides Floating Text in addition to chat. This can be controled by the player through the AID conversation if they are feeling spammed.

Added the item damaging system to the Missile spells and bashing objects. Added more controls to turn this on or off.

Updated Deity scripts with acquiring NPC domain lists and providing feedback.

Improved the Spell Component scripting, modifying some scripts from Meaglyn’s Spell Component system.

Updated and fixed description on a number of items.

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Glad to see someone getting some use from that :slight_smile:

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