Mulmaster - Role Play PW going live 1st of June

Welcome to Mulmaster, City of Danger, a Persistent World unfolding in the Forgotten Realms.

Set in the vast metropolis of Mulmaster, a bastion of evil in the Moonsea area of Faerûn, it is a city of wicked schemes and plots executed by the High Blade and his ruling council the Blades, all nobility of the highest status.
On the other side of the city, the common folks live in squalor; the cold, damp climate, and the harsh winds of the Moonsea makes living here a a game of survival. Mulmasterites live by the motto; “Take for yourself what you can today, for tomorrow may never come”, whilst they longingly look up the hills, where hateful fences devide the fat, decadent nobility from the rest.

Join the forces of Evil, or take up the mantle of resistance in this lore-rich city of story lines, plots and quest chains in a living, breathing persistent world.

Type: Roleplay with story

EXP: Slow advancement. Low level PC’s enjoy a +25 % bonus to EXP

Level cap: 20

Difficulty: D&D Hardcore Rules, no Item Level Restrictions, Party exploration encouraged

Death Penalty: 200 exp / level, 10% gold, no permadeath

Magic loot level: LOW, +3 enhancement cap, Custom tables with uniques

Survival elements: Hunting, Cooking, Hunger and Thirst system, Cold Weather system


Henchmen for solo play: To speak as an associate (summon, henchman), select the creature once via the select tool (special abilities radial menu), and type .talk followed by what you want your associate to say

Item Durability: Repair your weaponry and armour with the new skills Repair Armour and Repair Weapon

Custom Crafting: Potion, Scroll and Wand

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See you in Mulmaster!