Multiplayer lag


Im having an issue with multiplayer lag. Im trying to play coop with a few friends of mine and theyre getting rubberbanding and jittering when they connect to my hosted game. I have the client extender installed, I set up port forwarding, and Ive tried /mpredict, nothing seems to fix it.

Oddly enough they said using wasd to move around fixes the issue, but point and click starts the rubberbanding instantly.

Please help!

did I withdraw it?

No, I did.

Im sorry I dont use forums often should I put it in another spot? Or it just expires if nobody responds?

You didn’t withdraw anything. Clangeddin withdrew his own post.

Oh, haha Im an idiot.

I haven’t heard of this issue before, so I’m wondering if it is site-specific?

We didnt have any issues with latency.