Multiple Part Placeable (Too Big for One Import/Texture)

So I’m trying to finalize the Diablo Church from Diablo 1 for import into NWN:EE. I have turned it into a few pieces so that the textures are not too blurry, as if I imported it as one big piece, the amount of UV faces would make even a 4K texture look terrible. So far I have broken them up into walls, floors, roofs, columns, ladders, wooden beams and an alter with a window, and baked out Ambient Occlusion maps for each one, it looks beautiful!. Together so far, I now have 7 parts. I was wondering, is there a way to make them snap together after importing them into the Toolset? Or is there a way to control were the pivot point is when turning them into placeables and making sure each part has the exact same pivot point so when I use “Adjust Location” that they all fit together perfectly?

I plan on making the entire church open, so players can walk inside, warp up the tower to each floor to be able to look outside using waypoints, and just simply be able to gander at it before venturing below. I still have to add church seats but everything else is there. I’m going to be using custom models for a Diablo/Hellfire NWN:EE module and wanted to keep the look and feel as close as possible to the original games. So far I have the church and the town of Tristram’s huts. Need to texture them, and bake AO and Nomals for them as well as the Church. The polycount however is insanely low and I made sure to optimize this as much as possible.

I’ve seen people use modular pieces before, and I figure they had the plan as I do, to have them put together in game properly, even if they could not snap together. They must have had pivot points setup in the right position for each piece to make it easy to adjust in the toolset. Hopefully this can still be done as it seems to be the only way to make it so the textures are not horribly blurry.

On a side note, is it possible to use 4K textures now? If so I may just do that so it helps with texture resolution. :slight_smile:

Here is the multi-part model and that AO & Diffuse Texture bakes I did. (Have not yet added AO to the Diffuse Texture just yet) The purple rectangle is the Human Player Scale:

Sadly NwN EE doesn’t use _ao maps only diffuse (_d), height (_h), illumination (e.g. glow - _i), normal (_n), roughness (_r) and specular (_s).

You can, although in most circumstances I wouldn’t bother. That is down to both the byte size and lag (how long it takes to display stuff). While for single player modules lag is not so much of an issue with persistent worlds it certainly is. For most purposes 1k textures are sufficient. Of course if you are going to make a texture map you can certainly use a single 4k texture. As an example of this the modular building system (34 placeables) in the Large Public Domain Library of Placeables uses a single 4k texture map consisting of 3 x 4k texture maps.


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thanks for the info. when it comes to AO I just take the diffuse texture UV and overlap a baked AO on it in Photoshop, then put “multiply” on that layers setting and it makes the white invisible and only the shadows remain. I then flatten the layers into the final models diffuse texture map version. This is how older engines would fake AO on their models. :slight_smile:

Placeables can be multiple parts and texture files. I have a few that use like 10 images.

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cool! I made the Diablo Church into about 14 parts now and each have their own textures as well. I have all parts using the same 0,0,0 center pivot so they will fit together properly once placed into the toolset. Now I just have to go through the process of setting each part up to be a placeable, export them, edit the custom .2DA file, import into the custom HAK PAK and make the blueprint for future use. Should be interesting to see how it looks and works.

I will make PBR textures later to add that final touch of realism after I see how it fares in game.

Should be totally fine! Next step is make it tiles hehehe