Multiple (Random) Selected Loadscreen Images - Is it possible?

I thought I remember reading once that it was possible to have a selection of images of which the Loadscreen.2da row for an area would load from. I am NOT talking about “random” from all images, but “random” from a selection of images.

E.g. I may have three images of an area which I would like the loadscreen to randomly select from.

Is this possible? I see a “userdefine” option in the selections, but do not know how that is sued (if at all).

Thanks, Lance.

am guessing it’s not possible, Lance

if you look in Nwn2_Tips.2da (which is the same idea, but IS possible) it has cols “Area” and “Weighting” to do what yer thinkin’

but i see no such in Loadscreens.2da … not sure what Loadscreen=UserDefined is about, although row#1 in Loadscreens is labelled “UserDefined” (which strikes me as redundant but hey)

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Thanks KevL

Perhaps that was the 2da I was thinking about.

I could not think of how the userdefine fitted in either.

Cheers, Lance

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