My creature refuses to render in-game

I have a creature that, for whatever reason, doesn’t appear in the game. He uses the standard human appearance, no custom models, he’s not script hidden, his scale is unaltered and he has no scripts, variables or flags that would hide him. I used SpeakString and GetIsValid commands to confirm that he is indeed IN the game AT the exact location I put him in the Toolset, but it looks like he’s script-hidden even though he is not (which I confirmed with GetScriptHidden).

Ironically, I wanted to make that character a master assassin… and apparently I succeeded - motherfucker is so good at hiding even I can’t find him!

I’m out of ideas on why he refuses to render in. Help?

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perhaps a bug in his Appearance.2da row ?

What would the bug be exactly? He uses row 6, human, unaltered in any way - all my other NPCs using this one are perfectly fine…

my bad then – i based the comment on an invisible ogre i once had to deal with and tracked it to a glitch in the 2da – skeleton i think

Try exporting the creature blueprint then import into a test module. Might be a corruption issue.

Yeah I deleted both the creature in the area along with the blueprint and created a new one. It works, but I’m still kinda paranoid since I honestly have no clue what caused it…
This really was a master assassin o.O He might be hiding right behind me in real life for all I know XD



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