My niece is 6 years old and wants to play

So my brother’s daughter is six now and she found NWN on my mom’s computer and there’s a character there for my other brother’s daughter who played back when she was around ten. Since Rose is so young she mostly likes to try on dresses and stuff in the game. I am pulling four of the computers out of the LAN at home and taking them to “Grandma’s” house for Christmas. Shelby says she will play with Rose so all is well.
I;ve downloaded “The Missing Dragon” which ought to be perfect. Maybe a little "Dark Ranger’s Treasure after that.
The reason I am posting is this. I have an old module called Zorco’s Keep that is a persistent holding area for characters’ stuff. Rose wants to rummage through the various chests of goodies.
I’ve never successfully used the toolset although I have tried.
What would it take to make this Zorco’s module compatible with the CEP 2.65?

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Sadly, changing a module from CEP1 to CEP2 would be a significant undertaking.

Since CEP1 and CEP2 can be installed concurrently, I’d go with the CEP1 version, which probably has more than enough to entertain a child.

that’s my plan right now, little devil has come down with the flu just in time for Christmas.
Nothing like being sick at holiday time. Bet she gets all the rest of us, too

finally made it happen. She had a great time. The two nieces played together and completed the Dark Ranger’s Treasure and To Heir is Human. I did have to help a tiny bit by loaning some higher level gear but it all went fine.
At least one new player is coming to NWN!


somebody got somebody a new gaming PC for Christmas this year and strangely it had a copy of NWN:EE already installed. At a family gathering this evening my niece said that she played all night…
Yes, I am a bad influence!!


This seems like a good module for your niece:

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I think A Dance With Rogues is perfect for a six year old.

I built this for my granddaughter, aged 8, and she loved it, especially her grandad being a less than competent wizard . . . :slight_smile:


she’s already 8 now but I think not on a Dance with Rogues! The bordello in the OC is hard enough to explain…
on the other hand think about this: She’s going to get to play Hordes of the Underdark for the forst time at some point. She’ll also get to play the Accursed Tower and Eye of the Beholder. All of those made an impression on me and I am slightly jealous of that first playthrough experience.

On a separate topic I rarely am able to play any more and real life even makes it hard to get here but I did scroll through and found myself wondering whatever happened to Rolo Kipp? Does he still have a hand in the game?

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