My novel is published: a story based on a Neverwinter Nights PW


I’d like to invite you all to a very unique read; a story that I wrote that I just self-published which was inspired by my experiences playing in a unique Neverwinter Nights persistent world (I go over that in the appendices of the book) and the powerful effect it had on my personal life.

Please don’t see this thread as an ad, it is in truth a tribute. I’ve started with NWN since 2002 and this is not my first post here (certainly if you count all the NWN boards which I’ve been a member of). And if 5$ is a big deal to you, then send me a private message naming your amazon account.

Permadeath Novel - by Or V.V. Bar (Preview available)

Best Regards,
-Val (Or V.V. Bar)


Good luck!

Good luck to you!

Congrats, and well done! Completing a novel takes a lot of persistent effort.