My Project

I am currently working on a PNP conversion of City of the Spider Queen. It’s one of my favorite high level modules from D&D 3.5. I’m currently about 50-55% complete with the module (all areas, placeables, creatures, etc) now working on the painstaking task of scripting and conversations. If anyone is interested in beta testing it when I get it ready please let me know.


Sent me a msg when you’re done.

I don’t mean to step on your toes but “City of the Spider Queen” is 3rd edition not 3.5. Also send me a msg when your ready to start testing.

You are correct sir. My old playing group was already playing 3.5 when we played City of the Spider Queen is why I was thinking it was a 3.5 release. Thanks for catching that :+1:.

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I’d love to beta test your module!! I played this years ago with different groups and am looking forward to it on NWN 1 or 2!!!

I’d be glad to test it out.

Likewise sent me a msg when ready :slight_smile:

Quick update. I have the entire module “built” (areas, placeables, creatures, etc.). I’m currently about 75% complete on the conversations and scripting. Like anyone who has spent time building a module, scripting is a major pain in the neck LOL. I am looking to have the first half available for beta testing in the next couple of weeks. It all depends on my work schedule and how much time I will have to work on it.