My server keeps crashing when it tries to restart

It says its going to restart shows all the stuff it lists when its going to load mod then it go’s into shutting down server.

Details are lacking.

  1. How are you launching the server. Manually or using NWNX2?
  2. What is the resource count on the module you are trying to load?

I am using a host with a remote desktop, using NWNX2. My resource count is 12,373 .

Does the module run if just the NWN Server launcher is used without NWNX2?

Does it load locally for you both with and without the extender?

If it works locally, are the host’s haks correct?

Well now I just found that server crashes only when a certain player logs in his characters . He made a new character and played it and it ran ok for a while then he logged it in today and it crashed the server.

Do you allow local characters or do you enforce a server vault character only?

Server vault only. I might have fixed the issue though . I went into the server vault of a player that was crashing the server and found he had lots of characters that he didn’t even make. Not sure how that happened , he even had one named delete. So at least for now server seems stable. Thank you for your help I hope this issue is behind me now.

Well no I haven’t fixed anything , server crashes when certain characters log in . I have tried to put player files on my account and log them and they crash the server . I have noticed that the ones that crash the server they have no portrait so this might be a clue of why this is happening …IDK but this is really a hard issue to resolve.

Lack of a portrait … or at least one you can see is not uncommon and shouldn’t be the issue. It just means the portrait they used isn’t one you have in your portrait folder yet is all.

By chance, are the crashing PCs casters? I think there is a limit to how many spells you can have and if exceeded it can cause a crash.

No none are casters . Can the amount of items in a players inventory or a item that they in their inventory cause this issue.

If it is an issue with inventory, you should be able to tell based on when folks log in. Too large of an inventory is an issue when you have Module Events firing. Most OnClientEnter Events check players for certain items, levels, spells and other things. A lot depends on who scripted it. With tag based scripting enabled, this means every item in inventory gets checked and most then ignored as the game creates the character and his/her items. Anything equipped on the character also fires the OnPlayerEquipped Event too (This includes PC Skins and any creature weapons forced on the PC). So if it’s a matter of too many items being checked, normally it becomes a TMI issue. You should also see progressive lag spikes created by those under the limits too. I.E., As inventories swell lag spikes will be noted by other players when IG everytime someone with a bloated character logs in.

  1. Have you compared the bad PCs using Leto to see how loaded they are?
  2. Do the PCs that crash the server share certain classes/class combinations?
  3. Are they all the same races?
  4. Do any of the game breaking PCs have symbols or punctuation marks or quotations in their name fields?

If it is an inventory issue, you can try to put up a test module or two actually.

Test 1) Disable your OnClientEnter and OnPlayerEquipped events on the module and see if these “bad” PCs still crash it. If no crashing occurs, then discard some of that characters inventory and retry the normal module again. Repeating until you have an idea of exactly how much stuff is too much stuff.

Test 2) See if just manually launching it and not using NWNX2 makes a difference as well. If this works, it isn’t necessarily a NWNX2 issue though. It really just points to making a case for a TMI in one or more scripts.

Look at you OnClientEnter script in your module events. How much is it trying to do? I’ve had similar cases with other PWs over the years and the “fix” was often to just break up various “things” into separate scripts and execute them from the OnClientEnter script with small delays between each one. Here’s an example from a module that would suffer long lag spikes as inventories swelled and then finally crashes by a few players with extremely bloated inventories. Simply breaking out the various “checks” OnEnter into separate delayed scripts resolved it. OOC rules limitting how many containers a PC could have helped further.

DelayCommand(0.3,ExecuteScript("_deathlogged", OBJECT_SELF));
DelayCommand(0.6,ExecuteScript("_bleedlog", OBJECT_SELF));
DelayCommand(0.9,ExecuteScript("_nomagic", OBJECT_SELF));
DelayCommand(1.2,ExecuteScript("player_vault", OBJECT_SELF));

Anyhow, there’s tons of issues that could match your symptoms. It’s a little like trying to diagnose someone’s fever over the phone at times. (What did you eat before it began? Seriously … never eat at a Strip Club Buffet! When did it begin? Do you have a rash too? Is there any pain? You get the idea.)

More sleuthing and note keeping is required on your part. When did all of this begin? Can you revert back to an older module version for a test?

Addendum - Having noticed your other post that mentions having migrated the server to a remote host … it sounds like either one or more haks or other files are missing or corrupted on the remote server or that the host hasn’t allotted you enough memory to host the module.

Well this server has been with this host for years so I don’t know if the host is the issue . It may be to many items in the inventory but I really don’t know how to look into the characters inventory off line , if I do it online server crashes .

We have enough memory , I have tried older mods, one PC that’s having issues has punctuation marks on many of his PC’S. I have some PC’s that were loaded and I had them clean out their inventory.

Have you tried hosting the module yourself to test the suspect characters yet? If you don’t set up a test server for yourself, then there will be a lot of wheel spinning and little progress.

Normally, you could use “Leto” to view suspect character sheets and even edit them. I’m not sure that it would even work properly in this case with your near unlimited levels though.

Problems like yours don’t just start suddenly without a cause either. Had you updated prior to these incidents? The server itself could well have an issue too. Until you test on another machine, it’s all just a guessing game.

I am not all that good with the server stuff I wouldn’t even know how to use Leto . Set up a server myself would be nice is there a page on the vault teaching you how to do that.

I am not all that good with the server stuff I wouldn’t even know how to use Leto . Set up a server myself would be nice is there a page on the vault teaching you how to do that.

Google is your friend. Saying “you can’t” usually means someone doesn’t want to. If you’re going to be in charge of a PW, you really need to invest some time learning how to do stuff yourself. Why? Because you are the one in charge. “Others” will come and go as you’ve already found out. You need at least rudimentary skills to do things yourself at times. Also … points up to a myriad of suggestions the OP has yet to even attempt … there is only so much anyone else can do for you. There is no single magic pill for the problem you are having as there are still way too many causes that it could be. Start narrowing down the list points up once more.

Yes I am aware of the need for me to learn more about this system and really I have come far I have made two areas that have to be the highest level ever areas in nwn at lvl 1500. I don’t even own a smart phone I don’t use computers for anything except google and looking stuff up and playing NWN . I am trying to fix a issue that baffles me , this problem isn’t with one character and its not affecting all of them as well . Its very hard to narrow it down to something that would give me a direction to focus on . Thanks everyone who has given me advice I think soon I will get to the end of this problem it just is a lot of work for a 52 year old factory worker who is limited in what he knows. I have played this game since I was 13 years old I should be a superstar at all of this but I was truly only a player for 98% of that journey .

Well I think I fixed the issue by deleting the bic file and then changing the bak file to a bic file. It has worked twice so far , and I have fixed others but I wont think they are good until the players log them in themselves. I have fount one players character to have 3 items that just look like a X in a inventory box , I am assuming this is a corrupted item so I removed it from the inventory. Thank you for all your help and advice , I hope to get better at this , I am amazed when I read all other people have done to make this game so great.

Not corrupted items per se, but rather items broken with a change to the module’s base item 2da at some point. When was the last hak update?

I am not sure about that , I have just put in a new area and added some new items off the pallet …not that they are new but items that were on pallet but not in the mod. I really need to update the CEP on the server but I was wary of this because the server has a good history of running good and players didn’t have to load haks to play here. I think the toolset is CEP 2.1 if I remember right.