Mysteries of Westgate trouble

Hi, i am having some trouble with MOW…A Quelzarn attack is supposed to happen at the middle of the game but the creature never appears, wich stops the plot. Any ideas as to what’s causing this? I am using Kaedrin’s pack and my override is pretty huge yet a search revealed no quelzarn related files.

I suspect it is your override. The easy check would be to empty it and repeat that part of the game to see if the quelzarn appears. If it does, I am afraid you are then stuck with adding things back one by one to see where the problem lies.

Since you are probably using a class that is Kaedrin specific, you could start with an empty override except for the pack. Though obviously you run the risk that it is Kaedrin’s causing the problem.

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Is there an appearance.2da in your override? That’s the file for creature appearances.


Τhanks for the help! Appearance.2da in my override should be the cause of the issue as kamal suggested…If not i will try the long tedious road!

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Indeed removing the appearance.2da from Races of Faerun did it. Thanks much!

Ha I wish I saw this a few months ago! I had the same problem, and just renamed my override folder temporarily to play through the quelzarn fight. I renamed it back afterwards and finished the game, without any problems (although the same problem popped up later when you get to the Inner Sanctum that supposed to trigger a cut scene, but doesn’t if you have Kaedrin installed).

My char was a little screwed up as a result, but nothing that unleveling and releveling him back up didn’t fix. Now I wonder if I could have solved the problem by just temporarily deleting the appearance.2da file.

Dragging the file to my desktop for the cutscenes and then moving it back was enough for me!