Nasher's Head

I’ve tried to put Nasher’s head on an npc so he wont be wearing that ridiculous armour. It wont be Nasher himself just another objectionable snob that you get to kill this time.

I swapped the mdb file name into a normal human male one with a different number but it doesn’t work and comes out completely wrong and unrecognisable.

I’m thinking that Nasher’s actual head model is different due to his crown so how can I get the flat image to wrap around a normal head without the crown part ? Can I just take the image wipe out the crown, rename, save it and use that ?

How does this stuff even work ? How does the head shape know what bit to put where ? Do the spaces on the model look for something that fits or is there some sort of secret hidden code thing going on that tells which bit to go where ?

You need also to rename the mesh internally (within the mdb itself). The easiest way to do this would be to clone it with MDB Config (which allows you to change N_LNasher_Head01 to P_HHM_Head00 and N_LNasher_Eye01 to P_HHM_Eye00, where 00 is the number you want to use for the new head - don’t forget the L01 and L02 parts).

The crown is part of the head (but it can be removed, with 3ds max or Blender).

I believe you’re talking about the texture. If that is the case, that’s what’s called “UV mapping”, where U and V are similar to X and Y (in other words, they are the coordinates on the texture corresponding to the coordinates on the head after it has been “flattened” - think of the skin as a cloth you stretch so it is 2D only. Here’s an example with a cube:UV mapping - Wikipedia

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4760… Now I understand how it works I’m going to give it a go with mesh number swapping and leave the crown for a while. A hat might cover it up… I hope.

Thanks for the explanation and link it all makes perfect sense now.

4760… Done it and I must say that Lord Nasher’s got a big head in more ways than one !

The crown’s a bit awkward but one of the hats ( noble cap) covers it well enough so it looks like part of the hat, a bit of his head comes through but nothing too disastrous.

Thank you…

Nasher will die !

I think you may remove the crown by making it invisible (in the \Data folder, in the NWN2 file, extract and erase the crown from the image, making sure you save it under a different name and with a 32 bits color depth to keep the RGB and transparency channels).
With MDBCloner or MDB Config, change the diffuse texture file from N_LNasher_Head01 to the new name you just chose: the crown will still be present, but invisible.

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4760… Thanks for that it sounds like a cunning plan which I think I can probably manage with the eraser tool. We shall see… Or not in this case.

4760… It worked and now he can have his bald head back again so really looks like Nasher… Many thanks !

I am sad :sob:

Although it looks quite amusing, when my new Nasher headed npc blinks his eyes pop out of his head. I looked this up and it seems that Nasher’s a big head in more ways than one.

The chance of realising my dream of having his likeness killed by whoever plays my mod is looking slim as I don’t want to stick in the Nasher with the plate mail on because that would look silly.

So can you swap his OC head onto a normal body so I can put some normal clothes on it ? Or is it all or nothing with regards to that sort of thing eg. is an N_Nasher head not going to be allowed on a P body and vice versa ?

Where is the normal body, and what is it called and how would I make Nasher have it ?

I really don’t care if I trash my Nasher for eternity so could I just swap his armour in his mdb file ?

I checked the Nasher NPC and you can change his stats just not what he looks like or is wearing, which makes me wonder… How did he possibly have the front to dare and boss around all my bad ass Knight Captain’s when he’s only level 11 and has got 77 HP ? That was one critical hit from my barbarian !

Any help with the death of Nasher 2.0 is appreciated.

I have this in my override. Could this help you? I don’t know if Nasher’s head is in there though:

EDIT: I can’t see it in there so maybe it’s no help after all.

andgalf… I uploaded it and put it in my override but no Nasher head, it was well worth a try though, thank you.

If you renamed Nasher’s head P_HHM_Head123.mdb, try copying p_hhm_skel01.gr2 (from \Data\ to your override/module/campaign and rename it as p_hhm_skel123.gr2 (i.e. head number and skeleton number both the same - “123” in this example).
If that’s not enough, I’ll export the .gr2 file (just tell me what number you have chosen).

4760… I tried it but it didn’t do anything different. I’m beginning to think Nasher’s indestructible !

The Head mdb number is 26 as are all the head files now. The eyes were all number 1 and I changed them to 26 and copied them, then changed their numbers too, just in case that did something but it didn’t.

I got his body mdb and changed the files inside to another cloth outfit and that didn’t work either he just came out in weird patterned armour. His body is the armour, that’s why you can’t swap his items in the inventory. So if there’s another mdb sort of thing that dictates what Nasher’s body is maybe I could change that to a “dressable” version.

That’s probably because the UV mapping doesn’t fit with the new texture files.

I’ll check, although I doubt an armour mesh has been added to an otherwise complete body mesh.

I’ll export the head skeleton then and see if that fixes things.

I confirm, Lord Nasher’s is only wearing his armour, so the use of any p_hhm_*_body is the way to go to make him wear anything else.

Before I do that, could you try getting N_LNasher_Skel01.gr2 from \Data\ and rename it to P_HHM_Skel26.gr2 (assuming you still use P_HHM_Head26 as Nasher’s head for other NPC’s)?

4760… Sorry to take so long I wasn’t near a computer, well I renamed the file as you said and…

You’re a genius ! He blinks without his eyes popping out of his head. Don’t know how that worked but it did and I’m back to being happy about Nasher’s imminent death again.

In some clothes his head seems to be sitting on an invisible body, but I think that’s because it’s used to just connecting with his massive armour. So I’ll find something suitable that’ll cover it up and he looks quite noble and rich as a red wizard which hides his invisible shoulders very well.

Many thanks for sorting this out, much appreciated… Nasher will die !

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