Ncs without nss

I helped a fellow creator out on Discord a few moments ago, trying to fix a few things with KEMO Custom Animations. When I took that test module and saved it as Directory I noticed an odd thing. There’s a file there, a quite essential file, called kemo_animation.ncs. This file has no nss file so you can’t open this script in the Toolset. Is there some way to get a nss file out of a ncs file? Any way to uncompile it so to speak? I would like to take a look what’s in that script.

You may have steped on a landmine, the NWN/NWN2 persistant server war.

Somme of them keep their source code secret in order to prevent other persistant world to use the same feature as them. When the “nss” are missing it’s often one of the possible reason.

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Ok…But why is the Kemo Animations on the vault then? If they were that protective over their stuff they wouldn’t have released it there, would they?

I still managed to fix the issue the fellow creator had by modifiying all the other scripts that were there. So everything seems to work. I just find it odd that one, and only one, script among the scripts they’re using in the Kemo Animations Suite, is protected this way. Really weird.

That’s really sad and pathetic and not exactly entering into the spirit of the game !

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Another one would be to reduce the size of the download (but in the case, other files would be missing too, like *.trn or *.git)

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Since everything seems to work for the dude at Discord, I’m going to leave this alone. I saw on the vault earlier today that there was some tool for trying to uncompile ncs files (not sure it even works to be honest), but I got confused with what to do with it. It was written in Python, I believe. That’s some sort of programming language as far as I know, but I know nothing more than that.

Thank you everyone for your answers: @Shallina , @Tsongo and @4760 !

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