Need DLA-Maya-files converted

Hello everybody!
As you might have noticed via the DLA-post, ThriKreen found some more DLA-files! :smiley:

Now, the problem is, that some of them are Maya scenes/files (mb and ma). I looked at them with a text editor and it shows, that they are Maya 4.5 and Maya 5.0 files.

So, my question is, if anybody of you - or if you might know somebody, who - is able to load those files and export them for us eg. as OBJ?

I don’t know Maya, but I’d guess, that Maya 5.0 can load 4.5 files. I’m not sure about more modern versions.

Well, I’d love to see, if they contain anything we’re still missing and make it usable with NWN1!

So please contact me, if you maybe have a solution. Thanks in advance!


While not holding out much hope, I checked my copy of milkshape. Specifically the import plug-ins. There is one there that says Maya so I can give it a go but I don’t make any promises to actually be able to import your files. Given the age of ms it is probably going to be maya 1. The only way I will know for sure is to try. If they will import, exporting will be relatively straightforward.


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@Tarot_Redhand: Thanks for your offer. PM via forum sent.

Tarot tried, but that didn’t work. Thanks Tarot!
So I keep on hoping, that there is somebody else out there with a possible solution to read out Maya files.

Could this be helpful?

autodesk offers a 30 day trial with maya. if you’re lucky it still reads old files.

send everything over to I’ll convert it all for you as i use maya quite a lot! or you can find me on the darksun discord if you have a discord of your own for the project please invite me =D

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Thanks to you all!
@quevy: Tarot pointed me to “AnyConv”, too. It chews quiet some time on the maya scenes and the returns an error. Maybe the format is too old…
@Semper: Well, hello again, Semper! That would have been my next try, but now acidchalk chimened in. :slight_smile:
@acidchalk: GREAT! I’ll get a link to you with 3 test files (mb/ma) - via Vault PM for now - and you can check, if it works. If it does, I’ll get all the files and textures to you. Thanks!

Acidchalk was able to convert the Maya files! THANKS ALOT!
Some results can be seen here (at the end of that post):

A lot of nice stuff.

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