Need help changing skeleton of female head to male

About a year ago i found a female head that was perfect for the male character i created in Neverwinter Nights 2.

The problem is that the skeleton path of the head does not point to the male skeleton, causing the eyes to completely bug out when he turns his head and during cutscenes.

I’ve tried fixing this glitch myself over the course of this year but Blender is way above my paygrade and i can’t use MDBConfig because i do not want Java on my computer.

So now that i had a reality check concerning my ability to mod the assets of this particular game, i would humbly ask if someone more knowledgeable and with the right tools could do it for me so that i can finally start to play this game.

I’ve included the head that needs tweaking (i hope it’s not against any rules) for those who are interested, thanks in advance!

Wrong Skeleton.7z (379.5 KB)

I don’t have my computer with me at the moment, but if nobody worked on it when I’m back next week I’d gladly have a look.

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Thank you so much, that would be awesome.

Are you still willing to take a look at that head? It seems nobody else has.

Sorry for the delay, I just came back from a trip abroad. I downloaded the file you posted, I’ll have a look at it tonight and will send back the working version hopefully tomorrow.

Edit: this will take longer than anticipated, since I also need to reweigh the facial bones.

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Crap, i had no idea beforehand (figures) that it would be so difficult. You have my thanks for helping me out and spending your time on this nonetheless.

The head is now fully functional with the human male skeleton. The lips don’t move correctly though, could you upload the original female head/tell me where I can get it? I need to check if the problem with the lips comes from the initial weighting in the female version (just ask @andgalf, he’ll confirm that some custom heads don’t look too good during cutscenes!).

I tried for an hour to find the specific mod that you are looking for but the only thing i figured out is its name “Faces of Neverwinter”. It seems to have vanished from the internet though so i couldn’t find a download link, sorry for that.

The good news is that i did manage to locate the original female head that you asked for which was hidden somewhere in my mess of a override folder.

Let me know if you need the textures too, i’ll put up a MEGA link if you do because the files are too large to be uploaded here.

Female Head.7z (378.0 KB)

@4760 Any progress? I’m okay with the head as it is if it’s impossible to fix the mouth.

(can’t be worse than those screwed up eyes)

Well, I can confirm the issues I noticed come from the female version, so the head is now working the same way for both male and female characters.
I almost finished fixing the lips animations for the male version (I just have to change the bones influencing the teeth: depending on the sounds to pronounce the teeth sometimes go through the lips).
Hopefully it’ll be done tomorrow :wink:

And here you go:
(note this is only the male version, the female version is unchanged - unless someone wants the lips animations fixed, I didn’t touch it :wink:)


My English isn’t good enough to convey how grateful i am so i had to use Google to look for a appropriate expression.

“You are a scholar and a gentleman” would be the correct one and i thank you from the bottom of my heart to have invested all that time to help me out with this issue.

I’m finally going to be able to play this game in earnest, thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit Works like an absolute charm, awesome!