Need Help Finding Original Campaigns Module

As the title suggests, I’m needing help in finding modules that had all of the custom content from all of the original campaigns. There were, at least, two of them that I can remember. One had a merchant that offered all of the custom items, including items that weren’t meant for player use. Another had separate merchants that had custom items from each chapter, Enserric for every weapon type, the golem maker, power stone maker, spellstaff creator, and portals to all of the various chapters. There were likely others and it’s possible that I’m blurring some of the details above, but these were two that I had used previously. Any help is appreciated.

You can gain full access to all of the original mod content by copying the modules from your nwm folder. Paste them in a new place and rename them with the .mod extension.
For example, rename XP2_Chapter2.nwm to XP2_Chapter2.mod.
Next, take the new .mod files and place them in your modules folder with all of your other custom modules. You will now see them available when you open the toolset.
Open any of them as you would any other mod and export whatever you want as a .erf to add to other modules.

Thank you. I started exporting item files from the various OCs chapters, but ended up getting a bit lost in the process. While it’s likely just going to be rather time consuming to filter out the items that weren’t intended for player use, I’m finding that many of the items (in some modules) aren’t found to be exported. Even when multiple items are found on the right hand side of the toolset and shown to have proper labels, I’m not seeing any items to be exported in a number of modules. Is this something intended by the developers of said modules, that may not have wanted anyone exporting assets from their modules? Or am I, more likely, doing something wrong on my end? I haven’t tried exporting items manually one at a time yet, though. Also, even with the OCs, there are a good number of items that are entirely missing from that right hand side of the toolset. With the OCs, it might be possible to export all items in bulk, but it’s quite possible that I’d entirely be missing a number of them. With a number of custom modules, though, I’m just not seeing any items at all to be exported. Even when I know for certain and can find those items with the toolset. Is there a simpler way to find and export all of the custom items from a module?

Edit: Scratch most of the above. I just discovered hak packs. I’m thinking that I had an NWN viewer at one point. If I can find that, I’m curious if it’d be alternative way to export items.

Some items will be just in placed areas on the ground, in placed merchants or in placed placeables or on creatures directly and won’t have a unique blueprint in the palette.

No easy way to find these besides opening every area. You’d need to then “add to palette”. Could script it heavily with nim tools but even then knowing what are unique ones is a pain (merchants have hundreds of items).

Not sure if this helps, but if you do not have a problem finding the items you want, and you can examine the properties of the item, you can always edit an instance and it will make a custom copy that should then be grouped together by category on the custom side.
If you right click any item in the item list in the toolset and select “edit copy” you can close it with no changes and it will still add it to the custom list.
It would then be much easier to review your short list.
If you find that a merchant has a bunch of items you want, then when you choose to export resources, rather than trying to pick through the inventory, just export the whole merchant.
Alternatively, you can just make a new merchant and add all the items you want to it and then just export your custom merchant as an .erf that you can then import into your new module.
You may then choose not o save changes when closing the module from which you boosted the items.
I don’t think anyone at Bioware was trying to keep you from using the items. If anything they probably added a separate extension to keep people from breaking their original modules.
Its not like the game was made by Beamdog.