Need help, getting an npc to run to a guy

I’m so sorry if this is covered somewhere else. I checked but not exhaustively. I’ve followed the tutorial for building a module, and as the last challenge you need to get the miners to run back to Falstadd. And… I can’t get it to work.

void main()
// Give the speaker some XP
RewardPartyXP(50, GetPCSpeaker());
//Miner Flees
object oMoveTo = GetObjectByTag(“ct_Falstadd”);
object oSelf = OBJECT_SELF
AssignCommand(oSelf, ActionMoveToObject(oMoveTo, TRUE, 1.0f));



I know I may be making a simple mistake but I am really new to all of this.

end the statement with a semicolon

object oSelf = OBJECT_SELF;

That fixed the error, thank you. The guy still won’t run to Falstadd. I tried checking to see if my tags were wrong, but Falstad’s tag is ct_Falstadd

Try this:

void main()
    RewardPartyXP(50, GetPCSpeaker());

    object oMoveTo = GetObjectByTag("ct_Falstadd");

    // *** debug: check the target creature ***
    SpeakString("Moving to " + GetName(oMoveTo));

    ActionMoveToObject(oMoveTo, TRUE, 1.0f));

That worked! Thank you so much!