Need help, modifying Hak Pack

Can someone tell me how to do to change armor values of torsos in a Hak Pack ? For example using cloth torso appearance (so originally with CA 0) as heavy armor or chain mail armor, is it possible ?

Yes, totally possible. Using it for both is a bit more work but also possible (for that you need to copy and renumber the torso model). To change it in place (only have that part as heavy or chain mail and not clothing anymore) you just change the 3rd column of parts_chest.2da for the row for your model to whatever AC you want.

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Thanks, I’m gonna try !

Oops, sounds harder than I thought… How do I know which are the models I want in the 2da list ? I tought I could see it in Aurora tool, but It makes no sense for me.

Sorry. I assumed you knew which ones you wanted. By default the 2da line numbers don’t match up to the part as shown in the toolset, which is too bad. CEP did a trick to fix that I believe. I don’t know what other custom content you may have. But I think you could use NWNExplorer to find the model you want. The filename for the parts has the 2da line number in it.

Make sure you use the parts_chest.2da from the highest hak you have as a starting point.

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Yes, you can use NWNExplorer to discover the part number in the templates (and instances), which matches the number in the model name.

The problem is that the toolset sorts the 2da files by AC - potentially useful for chest parts (only) - but then, stupidly, instead of displaying the original part number and AC, it renumbers them all! The toolset-generated number is not used anywhere else - not in the model, 2da or in game.

CEP doesn’t fix this, either. What it does is give phoney AC values to the non-chest parts to order them differently in the toolset. This trick can be used, for example, to sort new parts to the end of the list, but the numbers seen in the toolset are still wrong.

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The 2das can be setup to make the numbers match. That’s what cep did. Including the holes. The toolset numbers match the 2da lines for the non-chest parts. It’s a nice feature.

I think you can do it for all the chest parts as well by using decimals. I don’t have unmodified current cep 2das handy to see what it does in the chest parts.

Thanks both of you, tomorrow, I will try this all and see what I manage to do. Thanks so much for the welcome help !

Ok it totally works, Thanks you to you both. Now using userpatch and slightly modified CEP grant sexy armors for my wife’s barbarian in OC :wink: