Need help on creating a training or character creation module

Honestly I have no idea on creating scripts for the module, I need some advice and tips for my module.
Maybe some lesson about it, if that’s okay.

Try these threads for a start -

The Starting Point - module building tutorials for beginners - and where to find them
Books & Things

Both threads contain lots of links to things that should be helpful. From those lists the minimum things you’ll probably need are

The online lexicon
The Guide to Building Volume I – The Aurora Toolset Manual
Just The FAQs, ma’am (Scripting FAQs)
LS-TK Script Generator (Lilac Soul’s Script Generator, updated for NWN 1.69)


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Perhaps this will help:

You want me to look into scripts module and study it or…?

Well I don’t know exactly what you want - it might do the job for you, or else provide examples of how to do things, like you say.

Basically the one you show to me is actually exactly what I need, but don’t know where I should to start.

You just install it, run a new game, select that module.

If you’re not sure how to install, see Guide

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After I install then what? just look into scripts and observe it?

If by “training or character creation” you mean giving your character levels, skills, spells, kit etc, play the module using a PC you wish to improve, follow the on screen instructions, then export your enhanced character for use in other modules.

If it doesn’t do exactly what you want, examine the scripts to get an idea of how to do things.

If that makes no sense, perhaps you can explain exactly what you want to do.

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oh okay, thanks.