Need help to find a kind of module


I would like to know if you guys here know a good module that I could play with my husband, we like to roleplay our characters, we do not need romance (since usually we play characters that are in romance with each other), we like us some epic (especially as the story progresses) and we prefer generic fantasy setting. Would you have some to advice for us ?

Hi A rose for Epona,

This probably does not fit much of your requirement, but I’ll mention it anyway, just in case you wanted to try it: Soul Shaker

Answering your requirements …

  1. It is a multi-player module. It has been played by my wife and myself and a friend successfully.
  2. It does not contain romance.
  3. I would consider it “epic”, but that may be subjective.

However …

  1. It is a very different module, and challenging. (Set on a demi-plane.) If you have ever played System Shock 2, you will recognise some similar gaming aspects.
  2. Roleplay is probably “forced” on the player in this situation due to the way the game is setup to play one of only four realm classes. That said, it does not include many conversations to express such. The roleplay is more about how you play you PC in the environment.

Also …

  1. I am available here in these forums if you have any difficulties, questions, help request, etc.

Thanks, Lance.

Thanks, sorry for late answer, gonna check this ASAP !

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