Need help with a quest variable


I am doing Nwn1 1.69 and currently work my way through chapter3.
My questlog states, I still have the bounty open for vaaths Head, and cant get to Oboud for the last bounty cause of that - but talking to Rolkid the topic wont come up - maybe a bug in the conversation? (its nothing gamebreaking, only a sidequest)
I have searched a bit around in the internet, but wasnt able to allocate any list of quest variables.
With the knowledge of the list, I could help myself out via debugmode.
Can anyone point me in the right direction

thx in advance.

iirc, the conversation checks for the item being in your inventory, not for some local variable stored on the PC.

If you already have the head, maybe try dropping it and picking it up again. If that doesn’t work, drop the current head, go back to Rolkid in the Mercenary Camp, spawn the item using the console, then see if the topic comes up. If not, its a bug in the conversation.

You can also copy the module file to your /modules folder, change the extension to .mod, fix the conversation with the toolset, set the extension back to .nwm, and then copy the fixed module back your game installation.


thx for the info.
The part with the renewal of Vaaths head via console I have already tried before, that didnt work (tried it again, same thing - same thing with Guzuds head, tried it just in case…) - funny thing is, both heads (Guzuds and Vaaths) are already for display in front of Rolkids house placed on stakes, maybe it has something to do with that?

I only could open the chapter3 package when i named it .hak (.mod didnt work) in the hakpak-editor (is this the right program?) - but i have no effin clue what to search for in there (there is nothing obviously titled with rolkid in there).

thx in advance

You need to open it with the Toolset and then find the conversation (dialog) used by Rolkid. Within that dialog, you’ll see the various branches of the conversation tree and see which scripts are associated with it. From there, you can edit the scripts if needed or get the resref/tag of whatever item the script is looking for to index the quest variable.

You could also check the Journal itself and use the info in that to set the correct quest variable on the PC using a console command (probably need to execute a script from within the console commands to do this).

The dm_spawnitem code for the head is


but as Pstemarie says it depends on what the conversation is looking for.

I have tried to following.
Respawning Vaath and Guzud and killing them → no change in the conversation (even with their “new” heads, respawning only the heads wont work either)
Somehow the variable NW_G_M3Q01PLOTBOUNTYHUNTER changes between 0 and 1 → no change in manually changing it to other values.
NW_G_M3Q1A_ROLKIDGUZUD and NW_G_M3Q1A_VAATH keep reseting to 0 → no luck with changing them
nw_journal_entrym3q1_a07_bandit_plot is at 30 atm, but i havent tried anything here by now cause its getting late
I somehow get the feeling, that a whole branch of the conversation is missing in 1.69 - i havent found any clue about obould in the source files (other then him being in the cave behind the locked door)


Selfreply, I did the following:

dm_spawnitem (spawn the 2 heads, just in case)

m3q1rolktakeghea 'script to takes guzuds head
m3q01a01rolkegb4 '++the variables
m3q1rolkg500 'normaly it gets you 500 gold
m3q1rolktakevhea 'script to takes vaaths head
m3q01a01rolkegb4 '++the variables
m3q1rolkg500b (that should set the journal to 40 but it doesnt - somehow it ends the whole plot)

therefore i manually did script m3q4_spawn_oboul to at least open the door in the lair for me, for some petty (~200 ish) xtra xp
the 625 xp for completing the whole bount plot i added manually

all heads i put in one of rolkids chests, so he may toy around with them whenever he likes