Need help with custom radial spells

Hi, i’m working with a custom feat that acts like a radial spell(like shadow conjuration for example), everything is working fine except for the Targeting UI of the different spells, all of them are using the Targeting UI of the master spell instead of their own.

Right now i’m working just with spells.2da. Do i need to do something else in other files?

Shadow conjuration have different Targeting UI for the different spells.

Hi. Could you show us the lines from spells.2da with your subradial spells and the master spell?

Here is the file for those lines.

I used this formula to calculate the Feat ID for the sub spells:

(65536 * 6000) + 5155
(65536 * 6001) + 5153
(65536 * 6002) + 5153
(65536 * 6003) + 5153
(65536 * 6004) + 5153

I noticed something, i added the master spell to the list of the wizard/sorcerer and when i pick it from there, all of the spells show their corresponding targeting ui, maybe there is some limitation when using them with Feats?

Edit: At the end, i used spells that have the same Targeting UI.

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