Need Help With Importing Custom Weapons

I made some custom armor and weapons. I downloaded a module and placed them there. They worked just fine. So I tried to export the character into the campaign, but only the armor was still equipped. The weapons are gone. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

How much customization are we talking about? New blueprints, or new models? New models will obviously need new mdb files, corresponding textures, probably unpdated baseitems.2da too, all of those having to be accessible within the module (via a hak, the override or in the module itself).

Just new blueprints.

You have new 2Da , and new MBD are they linked to the other campaign ?

I’m in the beginner stages, so I don’t know what you mean by that. Sorry.

The official campaign may remove items at the begining.

Oh okay. So is there a way around that?

It’s all scripted, so you need to find wich script does it, and edit the script so it doesn’t happens. I thought you made “custom 3D weapons, with new visual”. But I think you only made new weapon within the toolset right ?


You can use this to transfer almost any item in-game from one module to another or a campaign. Instructions are included.


I know I’ve done this before to “cheat” myself a hasted hat. If you make something in the toolset and turn it into a campaign resource then move the UTI file from the campaign folder into the override you can give it to yourself with the console. Just remember it’s resource tag !

To make a campaign out of your module go to the plugins open campaign editor select add campaign it will say new campaign on the side, click it, write your module name in the box for campaign modules and add it, it will move down, select the module and campaign and then select module to use selected campaign and save the campaign, save the module. Right click the blueprint of your new item and copy it to the campaign. It’s now waiting to be put in the override for eternity.

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These are the step-by-step directions for creating an item and adding it to the NWN2 OC that I wrote and posted some time ago. Since you have already created your items the early steps can be skipped.

  1. Open toolset

  2. In Blueprints area click on the header: Items

  3. In the Blueprint menubar select “All”

  4. Navigate to the item you want to use as your base. For this example, click on the plus button next to Armor to open it up, then click on the plus sign next to Clothing to open it up. Then you will see Adept’s Tunic listed as the first item.

  5. Right click on th Adept’s Tunic and from the popup menu select Copy Blueprint >> Module

  6. Now click on the word “Module” in the Blueprints menubar so that only module items are displayed. You should see only Armor listed with a plus sign next to it.

  7. Click on the plus next to Armor to expand it; click on the plus next to Clothing to expand it; and then you will see the module blueprint of the Adept’s Tunic. The name will be in bold, which indicates it is a module blueprint (if you were creating a Campaign blueprint it would be underlined instead of bolded).

  8. Click on the Adept’s Tunic so that its properties are displayed in the properties window above the Blueprints window.

  9. Scroll down in the Properties window about midway to the Basics section and you will see that the resource name is “nw_cloth_0270”. This is the name of the UTI file that now exists in the temp working folder which will be in your My Documents folder \My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\modules\temp0. (You can toggle to My Documents and open the folder to see it is there)

  10. In the properties window change the settings to suit your needs. You should certainly change Localized Name, possibly Localized Description, Resource Name, Tag, and Template Resref. The resource name is actually the filename, so you must follow the restrictions of filenames. My advice is keep it short (less than 30 characeters), include your initials to make it unique, and use only letters, numbers, and the underscore character “_”. I also suggest matching the Resource Name, Tag, and Template Resref. For this example I am going to create a Phase Spider Silk Adept’s Tunic and set the following characteristics:
    Localized Description: Threads made of phase spider silk have been woven to create this fine tunic giving it it special properties.
    Resource Name: bb_it_phspidadepttunic
    Tag: bb_it_phspidadepttunic
    Template Resref: bb_it_phspidadepttunic
    Item Properties: AC Bonus +1, Immunity to Spell Web, Regeneration +1, Use Limitation: Sorceror, Use Limitation: Wizard
    Unchecked Has Boots
    Unchecked Has Gloves
    You may also want to change the icon but that isn’t required.
    Then use the Armor Set tab customize the appearance of the tunic.

  11. Go to the file menu and select Save Directory… and give it a name (I gave it the name itemwork). Click OK.

  12. When the warning comes up that you have no valid starting location just click “Yes”

  13. Click on the Red X to exit the Toolset and say that you do not want to save (you already saved the module, so no point)

  14. Navigate to the My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Modules\ directory and find your newly created folder (mine is named itemwork).

  15. In the folder there will be a UTI file based on the Resource Name you gave the new item (in my case bb_it_phspidadepttunic.UTI). Copy that file into your My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override folder. (on the Mac this is the Documents/Aspyr/Neverwinter Nights 2/override folder).

  16. Start the OC.

  17. Enter the console by pressing the backtick (`) key. (Non US keyboards may require another key combination)

  18. Turn on debug mode by typing DebugMode 1

  19. Use the giveItem console command to give your PC the item. The format of the command is “giveItem itemResRef”. (In this case the command is giveitem bb_it_phspidadepttunic)

  20. Turn off debug mode by typing DebugMode 0

  21. Exit the console by typing backtick again.

  22. The item should now be in the inventory of your main PC.

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Just wanted to add a little tip as well, regarding creating custom weapons. You can create a blueprint and make the weapon (or shield) that way, but I prefer another way that might be common knowledge, but I didn’t know about it, until I discovered it by accident.

If you want to customize the appearance of a weapon or shield (and the preview tab doesn’t show anything), then put the weapon (or shield) on a random human NPC who is standing in the toolset. Then use your mouse to select just the item (weapon or shield) that the NPC is holding in their hand (have creatures deselected up top menu, if it helps) and now you can modify the properties and make your item that way… including changing the hilt, handle, blade and see it change on the fly. Once made, right click the item in the NPC’s hand and create the blueprint.
I find its much quicker.


So before, I tried to add it through the additem but I kept getting the failed to create item error. So then I tried to export my character like some people were suggesting but that didn’t work either.

Now, I realize that my problem was not putting the uti file in the module folder too. I only had it in the override folder. So the additem is working now. Thank you all for helping this newbie.

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If you have the uti file in override, you can use giveitem from the console as well.