Need help with some scripting

One of the reasons :wink: I’m actually modifying almost whole in game UI. I’m mainly using Divine UI mod but want to merge with Tcho’s UI style and at the same time make everything bigger so I could finally see something on my 2560x1440 res monitor. Also I may post it on vault so everyone could use it. Unfortunately this UI probably will be too big to use with lower resolutions then mine.

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Hi again,

I can understand your desire to mod the UI. As you say, there is danger in going too big for general release purposes. :slight_smile: I even added a new font to the fontfamily to allow some slightly bigger fonts, but am avoiding doing too much more as it may not look too good on certain screen resolutions.

I have done a lot of UI mods to stuff in my own campaign too. I am especially pleased with my Inventory and Store modifications, which allow a player to compare items in a store with what they have. I like having the examine info at hand, which these modification do.

One thing that I also considered doing was making a HD OPTION, but I think it would involve more work than I first think … as I reckon you would potentially need to change each GUI individually and even (perhaps) make different versions of the same xml - one with the smaller font and another with the larger … I’ve not given it much thought … it was just one of those “I wonder” moments.

Cheers, Lance.

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This additional examine info sounds really great. Did you post it on vault?

Hi mhroczyn,

It’s released as part of my mod: The Scroll.

The only problem is that it is very integrated into the system. It took a lot of effort to get it to work, and work for MP as well. But it does now.

You are welcome to take a look. However, I suspect that it would require too much work to integrate it into any other module. I tried to do so once, in a very quick attempt, but soon realised it would require more time than I was prepared to give. After all, I am trying to build module two now.

That said, if and when I reach the end of my campaign building, I will certainly (God willing) take another look at generalising it. Unless someone beats me to it. :wink:

Take a look at this blog post. Images at the bottom.

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: From above: NOTE: I don’t think the XML lines referring to a strref actually matter (at least on some entries), as they appear to be updated outside of the direct XML ref here. So, just make sure you have something that the naming convention knows to update, and make sure the naming convention is right! Eg: Auto Open Locks and Auto Pick Up both use 6818, which relates to Ranged Weapon! I think it may be where BEHAVIOR_DISARM_COL_HEADER is used as a generic name that a strref is important.

UPDATE: New BUTTON has now been added to every Behavior toggle and now shows “-” instead of “+” except when clicked and required.

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Hi Lance,
As I don’t want to make another topic for trivial things one more question.
Do you know which xml file is responsible for resting window? The same file is probably responsible for traps setting, disarming and opening locks. The only file I’ve found was obviously rest.xml but this file configures only resting window from MotB and not default one from OC.

perhaps timingscreen.xml


EDIT: If it is just the timing screen itself you are after (ie Just the little GUI itself), then KevL is almost certainly right.

If it is with respect to resting while the timer runs …

I’m not sure this can be accessed. I did a look and found the playermenu.xml (where the rest button can also be called) had this only:


This is a hard-coded call (and not to a gui script like we can access), which probably routes which GUI to call for each game. As you say, we know rest.xml is directly available for MotB + , but I cannot find any equivalent for the OC.

Even though the ingamegui.ini has this about the rest gui … SCREEN_MESSAGEBOX_REST=rest.xml. I think something else is going on to intercept that for the OC game.

So, my guess is the resting facility cannot be altered for the official campaign. But, I could be wrong.

Although, I don’t see why you could not design something that works from the timer GUI starting, if managed carefully to avoid its other calls like you mention.

Cheers, Lance