Need More Characters Like This


Gentlemen, I believe it it time to speak upon a matter that has a been bothering men like me for far too long. I feel there is simply not enough modules with a focus on romancing female Orcs/half-orcs. I feel we should reach this level of culture by working together and seeing what could be done by exposing more people into the culture known as muscular green women with nice teeth. I’m working on a module myself but any effort helps. Thanks for reading.


Half-Orcs females in NWN1 are way too butchy/bulky and wide-shouldered. If they had done them a bit more feminine and kept the “orcish” muscularity that would’ve increased their popularity.

PS. Beautiful drawings, well done!


Thank you but I didn’t draw these. Shadowrunrp@tumblr is the talented artist.


Eye and nose job and some hair change and be closer to the art.


Body looks great! The nose and eyes look a bit creepy though, like an undead orc.


You mean you need half-orcs with faces of anime elves?


Haha thats an interesting visual, also here is a proper visual…

All the heads I make are usually available for all races so you can slap them on half orcs. dont have tusks though… yet :smiley:


Oh just make them look like Orion Slave


For a fixed-appearance creature (you cant dress it up though), it’s possible to scale up a human to orc size and slap an orcish face on it (also my custom swoll parts came in handy too)… this was just cobbled from some files I have, and again, no teeth yet…


This is perfect! I would love to include it in my PW some day