Need navigation back to the vault!

Is the new forum going to be embedded like the old forum is with site navigation links across the top of each page? I really dislike having a separate site for the new forum. Oftentimes, when posting a new topic or a reply, I need to reference a vault entry. Under the old forum, I just had to right-click open a new tab on the vault link. But in this new arrangement, I have to open a new tab, select the NWvault from my bookmarks, and keep it open. More work, less convenient.

Not to mention that I have to first login to the vault and then login to the forums. This new arrangement takes more clicks.

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I came on just now to ask for something similar. Could we have a link at the top of the page, that takes you back to the vault site please. After you’ve read a number of posts/messages, it takes quite a few clicks to get back there at present.


Just noticed there is already the mechanism to do this. The vault logo at the top of the page is also a link (mouse pointer changes to a hand when it hovers over it and address pointed to is in the bottom left of the screen). The trouble is it currently does nothing because it has the wrong address - it just points straight back here! Just needs a little editing.


I second this. I don’t like having to open two different tabs, one for the vault and one for the forum. A direct link to go back to the vault would be really appreciated. :slight_smile:

I agree that we need a link back to the vault, but we also need a link back to the forums home page.

Just a quick note to say I saw this.

I checked the admin settings but there’s no option to add a backlink anywhere, so we’ll have to do it via theming maybe.

We might also be able to embed the forum in an iframe in the actual webpage for those that want to keep it inside, but it might look stupid.

For a link back to the forums home page just click the vault icon at the top left on the header bar.


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Because I realise that you are overworked :sweat: and underpaid :moneybag:, I did a search for a tutorial and I think this one fits the bill. It looks as though it should be quite a simple matter of editing the provided css to just replace the provided links with our own.


I know that we can click the logo to get back to the forum home, but what was being discussed was to change that to a link back to the vault site, which I agree is a good idea, but it would remove our only link to the forums home page. I think we need both links.

Also, how do you quote a post in these forums? I looked, but I can’t find any quote button on any post.

I think the neverwinter vault link in the upper left should go to … well… neverwintervault. You can get to the top page of the forums using the menu next to your avatar. Just click the categories header and it takes you to the same place as the neverwintervault picture currently does.

Just hi-light what you want to quote with your mouse pointer. when you do that a little box with the word “quote” should appear. Just click that and a new message should start with the quote pre-formatted at the point where your cursor was.

This can get a bit confusing on some browsers. On Opera for example the browser helpfully offers to Search/copy the text just hi-lighted. This is in addition to the quote box I mentioned earlier.


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Thanks! I have seen that on another site as a second way of quoting.

That works (thanks for telling me), but it is not obvious. A link would be easier to find.

Alternatively, if you want to treat a block of text that you’ve copied & pasted into a post as an anonymous quote you would hi-light the text in your post and hit the block quote button (that’s the one that looks like a quotation mark) like so -

Alternatively, if you want to treat a block of text that you’ve copied & pasted into a post you would hi-light the text in your post and hit the block quote button (that’s the one that looks like a quotation mark)


Will the "track’ in my account eventually include new answers in threads I’ve participated?
It was a nice feature.
BTW : I know, that you can check it directly on this forum, but I liked the integration “track” with my account - and fast screening it made possible.