Need someone to help with short review

I’m looking for a little help from the community with a project I’m trying to finish. As an ex teacher and having worked with a games design class in school ( and hopefully will again at some point !) I have an interest particularly in modules aimed at kids, all the way from say 5 to around 10/11.

At present we have a page created by @Olivier_Leroux here which lists what are loosely termed kid friendly modules currently present on the Vault. However, after talking to him we both agree it would be good to have better representation of this category of module so I’ve agreed to begin this by reviewing all of the current modules listed there and putting these into the Vault’s Wiki blog space.

I’m guessing there wouldn’t be complete agreement on what constitutes a kid friendly module so we’ve tried to keep the criteria pretty loose. I made a start on this through an introduction on the wiki here.

There is also a sample review you can have a look at although the space is by no means finished yet. ( I call it a review but it’s not a review in the “is it good or bad” sense. Really just a heads up to adults about what the module contains, who it might be suitable for is there any combat and sometimes a clue or two as to how not to spend hours running around in circles with a bored youngster at your side). They are also most definitely NOT intended to criticise someone’s hard work so are well slanted to the positive.

Anyway, to the point in hand - a request for help. Having reviewed the first four or five on Olivier’s page I now find myself in a pickle. The next one is mine ! It’s called “Ruby and the Last Unicorn” which I created for my 8/9 yr old granddaughter. Even though we’re not in the business of criticising these modules it still doesn’t seem right that I review my own. This is further complicated by the fact that some of the people I know best here who helped either by providing models/puzzlews, play testing or just giving advice feel likewise that they are too close to the module to provide the review.

So, is there anyone out there willing to give a little of their time to carry out a brief review of this module. It would involve

  1. downloading it from the Vault - there are a fair amount of required projects although @Surazal has kindly provided a “rule” for this module which apparently means that if you use NIT ( and I recommend that) it should download all the correct stuff automatically. If you have any trouble downloading you can always PM me and I can sort it out.

  2. Play through the module - It’s not essential that you complete it although it would be good to do as much as you feel you can to give a flavour. If you get stuck there is a walkthrough for busy adults in the project files. If you get killed you’re even worse than me at this game and that’s not easy :grinning: :thinking:

  3. Write the text of a review. You can see from the sample I gave earlier that this is not a thesis. you would not need to take screenshots as I have more than enough already as you can imagine. all I need is the text and I will do the rest.

If you are interested or want anything clarified, please PM me and we can discuss. This should not take a huge amount of your time. I’m thinking the module would take about 1 to 2 hours at most unless you are one of those who feel the need to explore every stone which you are of course welcome to do. :grinning: The quickest way is probably to stick to paths and listen to what’s being said.

Reading over what I’ve written it might come across as something “official” or onerous. It isn’t and shouldn’t be. I’d be grateful for any help you can offer and I’d be happy to have different thoughts from more than one person if they feel they would like to help.

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