Negative Chain Lightning (RESOLVED)

I created a Negative Chain Lightning Spell based on the chain lightning spell.

It works. I would like help on this script with just two things if someone could help me to script in it:

  1. If anyone has a vfx of black lightning I can have (tga and mdl) that would be awesome, but not necessary as I am using the black beam vfx on this. It would just be a nicer vfx effect.

  2. Someone know how to script in this to heal undead. Currently it kills undead with negative energy rather than heal them as negative energy should.

See attached spell

Negative Chain (2.1 KB)

There is the line below.

eDamage = EffectDamage(nDamStrike /2, ChangedElementalDamage(OBJECT_SELF, DAMAGE_TYPE_NEGATIVE));

You need to add a few lines before.

if (GetRacialType (oTarget) == RACIAL_TYPE_UNDEAD)
eDamage = EffectHeal (nDamStrike /2);

Warning: Designed without editor, might cause compiling errors.

Thanks Mmat

Hi Mmat,

It compiled just perfectly as per your instructions (see attached new version with your changes
Negative Chain (2.0 KB)
and test it)

BUT…it still damages undead. Does not heal them.

Hi Mmat,

I have attached a demo mod with the spell. Test it out. Much easier to now see it. I also included scrolls.
Chain Negativity (189.6 KB)

I will give you credit once released to the vault. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just download the module and Hak in the zipped folder. The other stuff is for when I upload to the vault. (1.5 KB)

Thanks Mmat…works perfectly bud!!

Going to release this to the vault and give you credit. I updated the stuff with your changes.

Do you like it?

Anyways take a look at my Ventriloquism spell I mentioned on the forum too. Let me know what you think. I want to release that one too. Maybe you can help me merge that spell with his as per my comments.

That sounds rather complicated … probably some hours of development … maybe I’ll have a look into it … later

Oh It works. But I can’t seem to blend my OnPlayerChat script with his part (Onchat). See Attached.

I can release the Ventriloquism solo, but for some reason I can’t blend his script (onchat) with my OnPlayerChat event script to make it work in mine. See attached.
Onchat (2.7 KB)

Shadguy’s vfx pack has nice dark lightning beam vfx. I have to ask how he accomplished…

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