Nelanther Dragonborn

Hi all,

I am a new modder working on a short module featuring dragonborn characters. Does anyone have access to the heads of dragonborn used in the Nelanther PW? See video posted by Natala for example.

I would of course give credit to original modders.

If anyone who could point me in the right direction I’d be much obliged!



Looks like a bipedal Smaug.

That looks a little like the Races of Faerun mod have you looked at it yet. The Mods ID 392. I do know the Dragonborn are there also many more races including the Worg.


Races of Faerun is a great mod however I was hoping to supplement the heads available from that Mod. Nelanther pw seems to have shut down in 2014 and any content for it disappeared into the ether. Any contacts for old team members would be great too…

I know dark powder and natala were involved.

Thanks again greenman and R-Mod


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