Neverblender - creating new spell/effect VFX from scratch

Like in title, does anyone have experience with making new effects and would be kind to share it to new user?
I wish to implement some of the 3.5e spells into the server im part of dev team, but have no idea how to do it.
I installed blender and Neverblender plug-in, and imported decompiled .mld files. Only issue i had with spell effect .mld is that i couldnt see anything happening when animation was playing.

Would use some explanation and documents i anyone can provide them.

Best regards :slight_smile:

I have no idea which spells you are trying to implement, but in most cases Photoshop and the VFX editor in the NWN2 Toolset should suffice. I would recommend you start there and try to manipulate some of the included VFX files to learn how to use it.

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First to try is the expansion of the glyphs. So i plan to edit the glyph texture, some color and whatsnot.
On paper it should be easy

@FaerzressSparkles Unfortunately this is an NwN thread and not an NwN 2 (or so the address bar says)…



Unfortunately NWNs VFX can’t be displayed in Blender. NWNs emitters are incompatible with Blenders particle system. Not much we can do about it.

The only thing Neverblender does is save the values of the emitters in the mdl file in some custom properties and re-exports them. It’s possible to edit them, but you won’t see the results. . I had high hopes for Blender’s “simulation editor” project, which could have been used to simulate NWNs emitter, but it got postponed with no release date.

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Hm, i was worried it might be the case. Thank you very much for answer!
Will then try to work on that i have.
Have a great day! :blush:

I’ll add a comment that for tweaks editing the ASCII, having it in the /development folder and it should detect changes meaning you can keep the game open - possibly scripting a refresh of the VFX regularly - and see changes.

It’s a tutorial I need to write since it’d certainly help VFX development. The Bioware system is actually quite powerful and looks good still today, just a shame they never released their VFX modeller tooling…

Actually ignore that, it seems you can’t reload VFX models with /development from my limited testing, but reloading the module can work, so might setup a quick test module with a way to do it reasonably quickly.

Ah, my mistake. I blame the bad CSS. :smile:

Disagree; the dev folder works. I do it, specifically with VFX, too.

I recommend working from a BW model in /development and starting to change stuff to make something similar but different. After you do a couple simple mods like recolors or swapping textures, you should gain confidence to get more ambitious.


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