Neverending Nights - There and Back Again, a Neverending Tale

If you’ve been in the NWN community for any length of time, there’s a chance - just maybe? - you’ve heard of us?

Our site is here:
We were featured on Bioware’s site way back when, as well as did some work for Obsidian. More on that is on our “About” page:

We started this back in 2004, and finished in 2013. But not too long ago - I got it in my head to redo these in proper 1080p (rather than 800x600 super pixelated resolution). So that’s been my current mission. I’ve so far done 34 of the 65 episodes, all of which can be seen here:


I recommend watching this. They seriously kick rocks!!!

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Thank you good sir! Charlie the Goblin thanks you for spreading the phrase around! :slight_smile:

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Neverending Nights - Episode 35 (HD) - This Is Bull$#!+. Peter and Grayson find themselves being approached by a Minotaur - but is he friend or foe? A villain whose heard of their “great deeds” and come to smite them? Or something else? Find out in this episode of #NeverendingNights!


EPISODE 36: MIND OVER MATTER: Peter the Ranger, Grayson the Fighter and Pawl the Dwarf – er, Minotaur – leave the inn after the rumors begin to spread about their (paid for) heroics to continue their quest – but Andrea and Daniel are hot on their tail. In the forest the trio meet… well, just watch and see!

No Sub-titles:



Minotaurs are good sailors? Just a Dragonlance reference, or does this story take place on Krynn itself?

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Grymlorde said:
Minotaurs are good sailors? Just a Dragonlance reference, or does this story take place on Krynn itself?

A reference to Dragonlance.
And not the only one. Back in Episode 22:
Peter mentions he read a book called The Dragonspear Chronicles written by Wickman & Heiss; this is a reference to The Dragonlance Chronicles written by Hickman & Weiss (the first letter of their last names were swapped for our oh so subtle reference)

And as it would turn out, I loved Dragonlance so much (Minotaurs have always been one of my favorite monsters in D&D, too) - that in all of my custom worlds since reading Dragonlance, I’ve made Minotaurs sea-fairers. (In some of my campaigns they’re the only ones who discovered the secret of gun powder for their cannons as well).

So, it’s definitely rooted in the reference of Dragonlance. But the story takes place in a unique world that is not Krynn (or any other known D&D world, such as Greyhawk, etc).

Almost every single episode has a nod or reference to something I enjoyed (or my partner in crime back in the day, Adam) enjoyed. You can see the list of Easter Eggs & References here:

As each episode is redone in 1080p, I update that list.

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At long last…

Episode 37 (HD) - Crime Does Not Pay.
In this episode… not many characters are safe, as Death sweeps through the cast of characters, claiming several lives before this episode ends… who will survive? Peter? Grayson? Pawl? All? None? Who? WHO? Well. Watch the video (over and over and over and over) and see who will survive!

And download:

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Urmph! I’ve forgotten to update this thread (though it doesn’t get much in the way of replies so maybe no one cares? lol) - but anyway!

This one has it all. Episode 42 marked the Season Finale for Season 2 of our series. This episode reveals things about the Crimson Draco Mother, the Sword, and the Mysterious Figure haunting Grayson’s dreams! Hang on tight kids! (And don’t forget to share!)

Episode 42 HD


I have viewed the first few dozen of these. They are entertaining! Don’t think people don’t view them just because you don’t receive comments, here or elsewhere. Keep at it! Take heart; You & your crew have made a treasure that will last.
Thank you for your efforts to put it out there, plus re-work the resolution as well.

Well met.

Watched the originals. Will now delightfully work my way through the larger versions. Agree with Enzo, do what you love, and people will love what you do. Do not judge your truly wonderful efforts on the number of comments.

Seriously kicks rocks! But it’s been six months!!! Please don’t leave us hanging anymore. Brothers of a different mother?!? Should’ve seen that coming.