Neverwinter Nights 2 Mounts

Has anyone developed mounts for NWN2? I’ve seen the rws_mount hak but it is incomplete.

What’s incomplete about it?

Well, it’s only models, not a mounting system with necessary scripts etc.

Some of the models fall through and others convert your PC into a gnome. Or at least that is what was occurring when I used the test module.

So we market them as cursed mounts that turn you into a gnome. Actually, now I think I want that to be a thing…


I’ve seen them implemented in quite advanced systems.

You can get them working really well, everything is there that you need. Let me see if I can track down something.

Thanks Trinital. I’ve been working with NWN1 right now. We’ll see how this progresses and whether I return to NWN2.

LOL. Could be a feature I guess.

BTW did you ever finish your adult hak?

What does it do if your already a Gnome, turn you into a Pixie or a Halfling? Bad joke test.:laughing:

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Well, I’d be interested, since I’ve been working on missing animations for this! If the NWN2 mounts system is already working, I never found where.