Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool (NIT)

-Click on Work with mods tab
-Click Create New Mod Folder
-Name it Reborn UI
-I’ve moved the mod sub directories from my Desktop to NIT - Reborn UI directory. (drag and drop to the NIT directly)
-The directory names are

-Click Tool → Installer Wizard Builder and produce the error. NIT putting every directory inside every directory for a reason I don’t know yet.

(Also on bottom program says Invalid Filenames 6. Cause they are too long now I think)

But NIT Store directory also got them right. The problem occurs when launching the wizard


Another example when I change the order of the files

Put the files into a archive. In Wizard menu clicking Save again crashes program

Unhandled Exception in NWN Installer Tool v6.8.6.20:

Sender: NWN_Installer_Tool.My.MyApplication

An entry with the same key already exists.

Note=Using Windows 11 if it makes any difference.

Apart from all of these is there a way to compile the NIT for Linux also? .NET has support for Linux also as far as I know.

Please create a 7-Zip file of your NIT Store Reborn UI and send it to me.

Please do this again and when you get the message, send me the Error report so that I can investigate the problem. Also, what version of 7-Zip are you running (Help, About gives you this information)?

This is usually caused when an existing wizard refers to filenames that no longer exist. So could be related to the folder issue.

No. Given I have created classes that use inherited .NET libraries and the .NET libraries for Linux or not compatible with the version of .NET used to build NIT, it would require a re-write.

@Surazal Send from forum Messages.

One more simple change comes to mind. When drag and drop the files to NIT. Or add files to Mod, NIT cut and copy the archive or mod files inside NIT store. This destroys the original source. And if am to delete the mod from NIT it is getting lost. So I think copying the files, directories or archives to the NIT directories instead of cutting it would be more practical. Everytime I am making a copy of the file on my Desktop otherwis I am losing the mod files.

NIT works like any other program for drag and drop. If you press Ctrl before dropping, it will copy or press Shift for cut. You can see what happens when you drag and drop from one File Explorer Window to another.

Didnt know that. Thanks for the tip.
On the Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer 2 which I am accustomed, copying occurs by default I think.

The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 6.9 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This release includes fixes, features, improvements and refinements.


  • Change Installer Options has been added to the Manage Menu and Ribbon’s Play tab. This feature provides an easy way to re-create the Mod Installer so you can select different options or preferences when the Wizard runs.

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses an issue where an incorrect background colour was used for list tooltips which are shown when the text does not fit in the column.
  • Addresses an issue where the Display Image window could not be moved.
  • Addresses an issue where the Document Organiser can cause a crash while closing.
  • Addresses an issue where text file property information in the Details Panel was not refreshed after editing the text file.
  • Addresses an issue where editing text in the Details panel after clicking the Mod Notes panel prevents the Notes being edited after saving the Details changes.
  • Addresses an issue where NIT crashes when you click the Wizard Builder’s Save button and there are duplicate Choices or Preferences Display Names.
  • Addresses an issue where NIT crashes when the defined Beamdog Client’s library folder has been deleted.
  • Addresses an issue where the Wizard Builder displays “You cannot define a Wizard for…” message and closes without removing the “Examining Mod folder contents” window.
  • Addresses an issue where Install Selected Mod is shown when the mod does not have an Installer.
  • Addresses an issue where the images for BMP files were not rendered under Additional Information in the Property or Detail Panels.
  • Addresses an issue where the Document Organiser ignored files in sub-folders in the Mod’s Downloads directory.
  • Addresses an issue where the Wizard Builder did not processes nested sub-folders correctly.


  • After deleting all game saves for a mod (Delete or Finished), the Game Saves Manager always gives you the option to uninstall the mod (instead of only when the play time was recorded).
  • Your preferred font and colours are now applied to almost all tooltips (popup information windows). Drop-down and context menu item tooltips remain unchanged.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of time it takes the Wizard Builder to prepare the list of Items Processed by Installer.
  • Create Installer now runs Wizards that are included in downloaded files.
  • You are given the option to uninstall a Mod when deleting the Mod Installer folder.
  • When you double click a batch file (file.bat), you are asked whether you want to run or open the batch file.
  • The Mod Installer is automatically re-created when you delete a Wizard File in the Contents Panel.
  • Display Character Summary now includes statistics information.


  • Some user cues and status messages have been updated to provide information and reduce flickering messages.
  • The Windows Photos application icon is used for standard image files that do not have an associated application defined.
  • Added “Use the same font and colours for all tooltips” to the Preferences page in Advanced Settings and allows you to use the same font and colours for all the tooltips that are displayed.
  • When the Wizard Builder’s file threshold is exceeded, the user is given the option to cancel the operation, which avoids extremely lengthy processing times that can have the appearance of hanging. This problem has been observed with Ragnarok_mr4’s Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.1) Updated, which has more than 40,000 files and can take between 5 and 10 minutes to process.
  • Added “Wizard Builder File Threshold” to the Configuration Page in Advanced Settings and specifies the number of files that the Installer Wizard Builder can process within an acceptable time.
  • The Daily Play Times Report includes play time information for a Shared NIT Store PC when it is connected.
  • Added “Open image files with NIT’s Display Image” to the Preferences page under File and Folder in * Advanced Settings. When enabled, the “Open with” menu and link uses NIT’s Display Image to show the selected image file. You can use the Display Image’s “Open with” option to view the image file with its associated program.

The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 6.9.1 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This release corrects some issues introduced in version 6.9, provides Wizard support for Publish Mods and includes some improvements.


  • Publish Mod updates a defined wizard to prefix folder and filename specifications with the published 7-Zip archive name (eg mod_name_v1.0.7z\folder\file.hak).

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses an issue where, after editing text file content in the Details Panel, the panel displays file property information instead of the changed text file contents.
  • Addresses an issue where Create Installer did not apply selections made in Wizards included in downloaded files, even though subsequent requests were processed correctly.


  • If you use the Wizard Builder to open an existing Wizard containing the ExtractArchives command and no archive files exist, the Builder displays a warning message and removes the command so that the Wizard can be opened.
  • Create Missing Installers now runs Wizards that are included in downloaded files.
  • Create Missing Installers installs Mods when “Install Mods after Installers have been created” is enabled on the Preferences Page in Advanced Settings.

is it possible to add such a wizard to a mods zip file? I can manually add this wizard to current version of CCOH EE and then select either patch hak or override installation. But for the next version I would like put the wizard somewhere in the mod’s zip file so anyone installing CCOH EE using NIT can select the desired installation method (without creating such a wizard first).

Other question: is it possible to test a mod zip offline (without uploading to first)? Every upload produces an entry on the download counter page (and I think you can’t delete them). Also afaik you can’t have private uploads.

When I create a new mod and add my zip file containing my wizard file (using Move Downloaded Files to Selected Mod) and then create the mod installer (using Create Mod Installer) NIT executes my wizard and forces me to select either patch hak or override. However that’s not what I want (I want to have that option when I actually install the mod). Also when I select patch hak it actually ignores patch hak and only copies the hak to hak folder (and does not create a patch hak installation - perhaps I could fix that by renaming my zip\hak folder to zip\patch?).
This also seems to be case sensitive and does not like upper case characters in the zip file name (my zip file was (zip file name in wizard was upper case too). The InstallerExcludes section however was ignored and all files were installed. This behavior changed when I renamed the zip to

And thank you for creating this great tool. I always wanted to install it and use it for but for some reason I never did - definitely a big mistake I think.

Yes. This can be done by NIT’s Publish Mod function or you can include the wizard in your archive that you upload. NIT’s Download Project will run the Wizard when the Installer is created as part of the download processing.

I presume you mean can you test the wizard included the archive file you plan to upload?

It is important that the Wizard references the archive name that will be used by The Vault after uploading (eg spaces converted to underline, number suffix if the name already exists, etc). NIT’s Publish Mod takes care of this for you (except for the number suffix if required).

Approach for publishing and testing…

  1. Create the Wizard so it works before you publish.
  2. Publish the mod or archive the mod.
  3. Create a new Mod with a different name from the one you published (eg My Mod v1.0).
  4. Copy the archive to the new mod you created in step 3.
  5. Rename the copied archive to The Vault’s generated file name (eg my_mod_v1.0.7z).
  6. Run Create Installer and check that the Wizard works as expected.

Sorry, it does not work that way. Too many variables when trying to uninstall a mod.

You can achieve the same effect by enabling “Only install Mods that were already installed” in Basic Settings and the using Change Mod Installer Options on the Play tab.

Yes, that would work.

You can also use Map Files in Advanced Settings to map mk_ccoh8.hak to the Patch folder, but this is local to each PC.

Yes, it does seem that way. I have made it case insensitive and will include this in the next release of NIT.

Your thanks are appreciated. Especially since I could not live without CCOH :slight_smile:

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In case this is of interest, my approach to dealing with conflicts is to install the Mods that I want as part of my base setup. For all other playable Mods, I ensure that dependencies are defined for the Mod (automated when you use NIT to download the Project) so that when I install the Mod, the dependencies are also installed.

When I have finished playing a Mod, I uninstall it, which also uninstalls the dependencies. This keeps the override (and patch hak folder) very “clean” in terms of running other mods.

For CCOH, I have defined two NIT Mods. One that installs that hak patch, which is one of my base mods

WizardTitle = Customise Character Override (EE) Installer Wizard
End InstallerExcludes

and the other that installs the override version into the Dev folder (\override mapped to development using Map Folders in Advanced Settings).

WizardTitle = Customise Character Override Dev (EE) Installer Wizard

End InstallerExcludes

I use the Dev folder version as a dependency for the few mods that don’t work with the patch (Demonheart, Dragon Dominant, Horzen, Sands of Fate and The Aielund Saga). When I install these Mods, the Dev version is automatically installed (and removed when I uninstall the Mods).

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You changed the description of your CCOH file to CCOH EE v8.41 (current version, requires NWN EE v87.8193.35). For manual installation, do not use with NWN installer tool (NIT).

Unfortunately the “do not use” results in NIT ignoring this file due to the Download Rule that excludes files with “do not use” in the description. If this was not your intention, is it possible to rephrase the description to something like “for non-NWN installer tool (NIT) users”?

Actually it was the intention ;). Is that a problem? NIT did not install 8.41 properly. Iirc without further work NIT installs both the hak to hak folder and the override.

For the next version I intend to have one file only again containing a wizard so the user can decide to install either hak patch or override.

Gosh!! You must be the first person to look at the Download Rules and understand :slight_smile:

Certainly not a problem.

Correct, you do need a Wizard for that.

Based on my experience, the only reason to use the override version is for the Mods I mentioned that need the files in the development folder to work. If you do go with that approach, then you should rename the override folder in your archive to development.

The Wizard could look something like this…

WizardTitle = Customise Character Override (EE) Installer Wizard
SelectMany = Mod compatibility (disable after finishing Mods that require this option). To use this option, you must enable the Development Folder via the Debug Options Menu.\development > Development override. Only use this option when CCOH does not work for the Mod you are playing. = Unchecked
End SelectMany
End InstallerExcludes

Edit: Updated suggested Wizard.

Apparently you can get NIT to run on Linux. You just need DotNet 4.0 as well as 4.8. It’s best to install DotNet 4.8 and 7zip using Winetricks, which handles everything automatically.

Thanks to @the_deb_of_knight for this information.


I was actually wondering a couple of days ago if this would be feasible. Good to know that it works!

Another thing worth mentioning re Wine and Linux, the Wine flatpak from Flathub includes a version of winetricks (though it doesn’t seem to get a .desktop file). You can invoke it with

flatpak run org.winehq.Wine /app/bin/winetricks

I can confirm this produces a wine environment that runs NIT fine, if you install dotnet48 and 7zip. Upshot is this should, at least theoretically, work on any Linux distro that supports flatpak.

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Whenever I start NIT it changes the alias section of NWN.ini by restoring default values (e.g. I have changed the portrait folder but NIT always restores the default folder). Why does it do that and is there a way to prevent that?

Also it seems that on first start NIT has deleted my userpatch.ini file and replaced it with an empty one.

NIT needs to ensure that each entry in the Alias section has been defined and that a valid path has been specified. This prevents any issues when paths are determined using the INI file.

You can use the Alias Section Editor to prevent NIT making any changes. See Help ›› Use the Manage menu ›› Use the Alias Section Editor.

NIT checks that the userpatch.ini file exists in the User Files folder. If it does not, then NIT creates one. I could not find anywhere that NIT actually deletes the userpatch.ini file.

Do you have more than one Profile defined in NIT?

I have only one profile (I think). At least I haven’t defined any additional ones so only the default profile(s) should be there.

Path in the Alias section is valid (because NWN finds my portraits) but NIT always overwrites it with the default path. Doesn’t matter if I edit NWN.ini outside NIT or open NWN.ini inside NIT. Is there a special Alias section editor? If yes where is it?

NIT had replaced my userpatch.ini with an empty one (at least I think it was NIT because I can’t think of anyone else :D). No big deal as it happened only once.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can use the Alias Section Editor to prevent NIT making any changes. See Help ›› Use the Manage menu ›› Use the Alias Section Editor.

You need to use the Alias Section Editor to make changes to your nwn.ini file.