Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool (NIT)


I have uploaded an updated version of the Notepad++ User Defined Language for viewing NIT’s Download Rules File, which accommodates a Region statement so that the text can be collapsed to make navigation easier. You need to remove the old version before importing the new one (described in the ReadMe). The language is available for download from the Project page.


The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 5.3.1 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This is a stability release to resolve some issues including a serious problem effecting first time users.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent crash when creating original Restorers and a Group item is selected.
  • Ensure that the path specified by the NWMFiles key in the Enhanced Edition’s nwn.ini file matches the one specified on the Locations page in Settings.


  • Fixed erroneous links in Help’s Related Topics.
  • Detects which Notepad++ language to use when opening the Download Rules File from Debug Options menu.
  • Use 1 second as the minimum download time estimate.
  • Log NWN and EE path information to help track down erroneous EE detection that some people have experienced.


The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 5.3.2 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This is a stability release to resolve a serious issue introduced in version 5.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent crash when migrating default Map Exception Prefixes from NIT versions 5.2 and older.


The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 5.3.3 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This is a stability release to resolve erroneous Enhanced Edition detection and refine original EE file processing.

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses an issue where an erroneous EE installation is detected when Steam is installed.
  • Update Enhanced Edition Files has been refined to accommodate Mods that copy files to Library folders (eg the Community Patch Project) and eliminate unnecessary updates.



I’m having some first-time setup issues with NIT. There does not appear to be a way to backscreen if you make an error in a setup choice. The setup proceeds despite using the close gadget, and won’t re-present the erroneous setup choices for re-configuration, even on uninstall and re-install of the tool. Instead, it keeps trying to run its analysis copy data with the incorrect setup, forcing me to kill it from the Task Manager. I need to re-start from the beginning but I’m stuck at the Save Game Folders selection screen (and the ribbon is too short to read the information in it).

Can you advise? Thanks – Andarian


It’s clearly remembering settings like the location of the NIT repo despite uninstall and reinstall of the tool. A way to clear these if they get messed up (mine clearly did) would be very useful.

I think I’ve managed to work past this, and to update at least some of these settings from the menu and/or from the commands tool. I’ll see if I can make some progress and follow up.

One common problem I’m seeing is with the ribbons being too narrow. A lot of their content (for example in the save game location screen and the customise screen) is getting cut off, and is either difficult or impossible to see or to read. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and have a suspicion that it may be due to assuming that the user has Windows text size set to the small (default) setting. A wider ribbon would be helpful for those of us whose eyes aren’t as good as they were in our youth. :slight_smile:


OK. NIT just messed up both my 1.69 and Beamdog installs. I fixed it; it was making changes to and/or deleting some of the ini files, which I didn’t expect but was able to restore. When I re-started NIT, though, it applied the changes again, and one of the things I tried appears to have crashed the tool. I’m going to plug away at this for a bit longer and see if I can get it to stabilize. I really want to be able to use it if possible.

Last Edit. I’ve hit a brick wall. Apparently NIT strongly encourages putting both 1.69 and EE saves in the same folder by having only one save game folder setting. (Merging savegame folders is a non-starter for me.) The help says you can leave the savegame folder blank to have separate ones for 1.69 and EE, but that this was not recommended. I tried updating it to a blank value to fix this, and it crashed NIT again. I can’t get it re-started now, even with the commands tool. Log file sent.


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing so many issues.

I would be very helpful if you post a screenshot of this so I can understand what is happening. Also, what screen resolution are you using?

All choices made the first time you run NIT can be changed using Settings from the Options menu. In addition, you can use NWN Installer Tool -Commands from the Windows Start menu and select Settings to make changes before NIT starts.

The full uninstall procedure is documented in the ReadMe file included in the NIT download file as well as in the Help’s FAQ section. Settings are stored in AppData\Local\Surazal.

Again, a screenshot will be very helpful. Have you changed Windows settings to use a larger Font? This may well be the cause of the issue, because I have not performed any tests using Windows to change font sizes. NIT does provide the facility change the text size it uses, but I am not sure how this behaves when Windows is also changing the text size.

It would be very helpful to know what Windows changes you have made that could be affecting NIT.

NIT does make changes to the Alias section in the INI files so that it matches the information you have provided to NIT. Each time you start NIT, it checks these settings and changes them if they don’t match NIT’s configuration settings.

This recommendation is based on how NIT manages Game Saves. When you open the Game Saves Manager, NIT ensures that only the latest saves for the current Mod being played are in NWN’s game saves folder. All other saves are moved to Backup folders in the NIT Store folder.

This allows you to use the Game Saves Manager to switch between different Mods that you are playing or backup the current game so you can start a new one.

I will double check NIT’s processing when you leave this field blank to ensure that it does not change NWN’s INI file incorrectly or crash.

If you still have this error report, it can help me diagnose the issue.

I received the error report. I can see this is a problem that I have had two attempts to resolve - obviously, it is still not fixed. The problem is setting or restoring one the panel sizes. This may be related to the Windows changes you use to make text bigger or, it could be a condition that my code does not accommodate. I am unable to reproduce the problem so it makes it difficult to resolve.

I will investigate further to see what I can do to avoid the error, or at least provide some additional diagnostic information that will help me track down the issue.

Really sorry about all the hassle you have experienced. Any additional information you can provide to help me address these issues will be very much appreciated.


I have applied a fix that should prevent the crash based on the report you sent. This will be included in the next release.

Are you able to provide a screenshot of your Windows Ease of Access Display Settings so I can try and reproduce (and hopefully resolve) the text and ribbon truncation issues. These are the settings of interest…


If there are any other related Settings, please let me know.

Many thanks for your interest and contributions.



Thanks for your prompt and thorough reply! I’ll be happy to provide any information and feedback that I can. I’m running Windows 10 at 1920x1080 with custom scaling at 125%.

I apologize for not seeing the full uninstall directions at the end of the README. That’s exactly the information I needed, and there was no excuse for my missing it. It would have made dealing with the problems I ran into yesterday a lot easier. (Walks off for a minute to bang head against the wall)

I did eventually realize that I could change those settings from the menu (and later, the command tool) once the tool had launched. I didn’t get to that point for a while, though, because I knew the settings were wrong, and I saw the tool start what the instructions said would be a lengthy process of analyzing, configuring, updating, and potentially moving/copying data that I didn’t seem to be able to stop short of using the task manager. When I finally did manage to stop it and re-set them with the menu and the command tool, it resulted in the crash in the log I sent you.

I’ll post some screenshots regarding the ribbon issue once I clear the settings and can get NIT to start again. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the larger Windows text size was contributing to both issues.

Thanks again for your patience and help in resolving this. NIT does look like a great tool, and I’m eager to get it set up for Sanctum and to start using it.

EDIT: I also had text size at 150%, which was resulting in a combined 175% increase. I turned off scaling and set text size down to 100%, but the crash still recurs. I’ll go clear the profile next and let you know the result.


It looks like it’s working now. Settings went through smoothly, and CRC creation is underway. I left the save game folder field blank and this time I was able to set the “Builder or Player” setting to Builder. Also and more notably, I turned custom scaling off and set text scaling down to 125%. With these settings the ribbons display correctly and with no trouble. I’ll follow up after NIT has finished configuring.


Thanks for the additional feedback.

I have just been looking at the code that deals with a blank save game folder and, I am afraid to say, that when settings are used it will cause a crash. I am looking at how I might resolve this, but the code is suspect.

As an interim solution, I would suggest you use Settings to change the Game Save folder whenever you change the Profile. For example, change to EE’s save foler when you load your EE profile. When you switch to NWN, then change it again to specify NWN’s game save folder.

A bit tedious, but safer than leaving it blank and would still provide what you are after.

I also think there may be issues when playing the same Mod in EE and NWN (ie the same Mod’s game saves are in different game save folders and represent different states of play). This may cause NIT to get confused and treat all the saves as belonging to one Mod, which may result in merged backups and combining play times for both editions. This is not a scenario I anticipated, so there may be problems.


Here’s some additional feedback. I was wondering why I had set custom scaling and increased text size on on my backup rig, and after some testing I got a reminder. It seems that (at least for my system) it was necessary to get NWN 1.69 to play correctly in 1920x1080 resolution. Without it, if text size was enlarged at all (even from 100% to 125%), the NWN screen was enlarged and cut off on the lower right. This displaced the in-game menu toward the lower right of the screen, cutting off the HUD entirely. With text size enlarged at all (which I need) it required custom scaling to also be set in order to get NWN to play/display correctly.

EDIT: Also, here’s an example of the ribbon issue:


Many thanks for the screenshot. Are you able to tell me what settings you changed in Windows that result in the clipping problem? Did you use Advanced Scale Settings and specify a custom scaling value? If so, what value did you specify?

This will help me reproduce the problem so that I can try and resolve the issue.

More about the Game Saves Folder…

Although I will be fixing NIT so that it uses the nwn.ini file to retrieve the Game Saves folder location when a shared game saves folder is blank, I would like to understand what issues concern you regarding a shared saves directory.

NIT does not merge the single save directory. What it does, is ensure that only one Mod’s game saves are held in this folder by moving any saves for other Mods to a backup folder. This is only done when you open the Game Saves Manager. These backups can be activated so that the current game saves are backed up before restoring the requested backup game saves to NWN’s save directory.

Your thoughts and concerns on this approach will be very much appreciated.



It’s Custom Scaling (under Display Settings -> Advanced Display Settings) that seems to be the culprit. I can enlarge text without it messing up the ribbon, but as soon as I turn on custom scaling (I use 125%) I get what you see in the screenshot. And unfortunately I need to set custom scaling on in order to get NWN 1.69 to run correctly.

I didn’t try using the Game Saves Manager, so I didn’t see the moving of game saves that you describe. I can tell you what I did see when I tried changing the save game folder in NIT, though. When I set it to EE’s save game folder, 1.69 tried to load save games from EE; and if t set it to 1.69’s save games folder, then EE tried to load them from 1.69. In other words, it updated the .ini files for both installs to point to the same save game folder. Is that the intended behavior?

I have both EE and 1.69 installed (and need to, for reasons that include being able to test and develop content in each), and with settings and in directories that are completely separated from each other. It will be problematic for me to try to work with a tool that doesn’t at least provide the option of maintaining that separation between them. Does that help?

Thanks – Andarian



Thanks for this - I will try it out to see if I can reproduce the problem on my machine.

No. I have been testing some revised code, which seems to work as intended. Also, in your tests, did you use the “safe” Games Saves folder method I described in one of my earlier posts (ie Game Saves Folder set to non-Blank value) or was your Games Saves Folder set to blank (if the former, then that is the expected behaviour).

I understand. The shared folder approach would require that you “switch” between game saves each time you load a different Profile in order to maintain the separation required.

I still have concerns over what will happen when the same game is being played in two different profiles. This is in terms of manual or automatic game save folder backup names being the same. I don’t have a ready fix this scenario, which impacts a core part of how the Game Saves Manager operates.

If it is your own mod being developed, then having a different game save name (ie the Mod Name you specify in the Toolset) for each edition would help avoid the issue.

For the moment, I am going to focus on the scaling and Blank Game Saves Folder issues and get that resolved.


It was the former. I had put in a non-blank savegames folder the first time, and then tested changing it from the location of the 1.69 install’s savegames folder to the EE’s and back. That’s when I saw both games’ .ini files updated by each change. Once I saw this I tried to update it to a blank value, which is what led to the “brick wall” crash I described.

I’m still familiarizing myself with it, but it looks like using NIT on a two-install system involves changing profiles between 1.69 and EE. If that’s the case, then would it be possible to specify two distinct savegame folders, one for each game? And to set the current savegames folder appropriately when you switch profiles?



That was the “safe” method, which is behaving as intended. Each time you switch profiles and change the folder, the INI files are updated, but you are using the save folder for the specific Edition’s folder that you are playing.

Yes. This is how it works on my next version of NIT. Basically, you set NIT’s Save folder to blank and then (after saving) edit the nwn.ini file for each NWN installation to specify the location of the Saves directory. When you switch Profiles, NIT uses the ini file’s Saves keyword to determine the location of the folder (ie it behaves in the way you want it to).


I have a NIT Release Candidate that supports Windows 10 custom scaling.

If anyone who uses custom scaling is interested in trying this version, please let me know and I will upload it to the Project Page for testing.


The Neverwinter Nights Installer Tool version 5.3.4 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

This is a stability release to resolve some problems and include support for Windows 10 custom scaling.

User Interface

  • Display a marquee progress bar on messages displayed to indicate that processing may take some time (eg Getting Ready…).

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent crash when restoring NIT’s panel layout.
  • Prevent crash when using Settings to specify a blank Game Saves folder location.
  • Use the Saves folder specified by the nwn.ini file when NIT’s Game Saves folder location has been set to blank.


  • Detect potential Profile Data corruption on start-up and prevent a crash. A message is displayed that includes an option to validate and try and correct the Profile Data problem.
  • Provide support for Windows 10 custom scaling.