Neverwinter Nights Ressurection Gone Wrong

Okay this is weird. Resurrection gone Wrong claims Module was made for Never version of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition while the Sequel Resurrection Gone Wronger Loads. Anyone knows whty that would be ?

I sent messages to the author a while back, but no reply so far. Could be a mistake.

I’ll try some other channels.

Opens fine for me on EE. As it is available on steam workshop as well as here I surmise it was updated to EE when it was updated to use CEP 2.65. As it opens fine in the retail branch of the toolset it wasn’t accidentally made with the development branch.


@Tarot_Redhand there’s no doubt that the module is configured to run on EE only. The question is whether that was KooKoo’s intention, given no such annoucement on the module page. They might not be aware that saving the module in the EE toolset stamps it as EE only.

Equally, it might not be safe to tweak to 1.69 if in fact KooKoo has deployed EE only features.

If anyone has a better way of contacting KooKoo, please shout, as I’ve had no luck.

The Thing is i have EE. and Resurrection Gone wronger which is sequel loads.

I can load Resurrection Gone Wrong on EE.

I have version 78.8187 8f4bc63f, which is a fairly recent (latest?) development release.

As I mentioned on the module page, when I crack open the module, it’s expecting release 1.77 or later.

Have you tried updating EE?

I realise this doesn’t help those who don’t have EE.

I tested it on the retail version. I happened to have the bd client set to that because I needed people to actually be able use my demo module and erf for my other shapes, to work straight out of the box. So as long as you have the current retail version of EE it should be working for you, 'cos it worked for me.