Neverwinter Nights Resurrection

Did anyone play NWN Resurrection? The mod attempt at remaking the old AOL mmorpg?

I’m wondering if it had a .mod file and if it would be possible to redesign as a singleplayer module. Since I can’t seem to find any trace of its existence aside from articles talking about its shutdown.

I played it off and on over the years it was active. It was okay but never recaptured the “spirit” or the fun of the original NWN on AOL. Yes I played that also.
For some reason the Resurection builder used “portalling” to move between the different areas instead of just transition areas.

I don’t know that the builder ever put out a mod file on the vault or anywhere else. There might be some info on the builder on Forgotten World Forums. Forgotten Worlds almost exactly recreated AOL NWN and the two builders were in touch.