Neverwinter Nights: Searching for Placeables on Vault

Good morning.

I am going through some old files and older compiled haks, and I found a few placeables that I can’t seem to place (:expressionless: ) to an entry on the vault. I can rip them out of my old haks but if anyone has links or copies of the actual files these came in (so I can give credit where it is due), then I would very much appreciate it.

Specifically it was 2 different projects, one with these statues included (if I recall it also had a bunch of foliage and trees)

Placeables 2

and one with these skeletons:

Posing Skels

Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

The last 2 are not on the vault anymore as @TheBarbarian removed all their projects (against the rules but they did it anyway). But thanks for asking as you have given me an idea to explore.

The statue on the left is ringing bells for me. I’ve seen it before but I can’t recall where. You might try looking through the CCC Catalogue for it although I suspect it is actually part of the
CEP (CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack)) as those skeletal musicians might be as well.



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Thank you so much!!

The skeletons were all in a pack called “Posing Skeletons” and I can see through a link I found in an old location that they’ve all indeed been taken down. The statues I don’t have the names for, but now that I remember I believe some of them may have come in different packs than others. (I think they are Elder scrolls rips but I honestly cannot be sure.)

I guess for the posing skeletons I can try to rip them out of my old haks, or maybe Ill get lucky when I go through my old HDDs

BTW, are you on 1.69/Diamond edition or EE?


I have EE. The haks I’m digging out of were made forever ago, so likely 1.69

If you find where the statues are from, I’d be interested as well. Can never have enough monuments!


If I can’t find them anywhere, am I free to repost them? I’d hate for them to just go to waste, but I’d also hate to do something distasteful or against the rules. (Naturally if someone asked or claimed them I’d take them down and give credit)

Unfortunately, the guidelines don’t explicitly cover this situation, as they assume you know the source.

Personal opinion - re statues - as long as you’ve made reasonable efforts to discover the source, I doubt whether anyone would object. In the very unlikely event that the author requested takedown (as opposed to attribution), they ought to raise the matter with the Vault in the first instance, so that the consequences of removal can be discussed.

TR has explained that the skeletons were removed contrary to the site rules, having previously been published as open content. So, the guidelines definitely allow you to use them (with attribution) and personally I would have thought it would be OK to repost them.

P.S. The second image (Weeping Woman) is in CEP 2.x with author attribution. I would love to have the statues in the first image, but don’t recall seeing them before.

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Those first 2 whiteish statues are definitely from TES5:Skyrim or modelled to look like them. Had a bit of a look and not been able to find them using the front page search.


I am pretty sure I have found where the statues in the first picture originally came from -

Stunning Statues of Skyrim - Nexus Mods Link

FWIW The one on the left is Azura. I knew she was familiar. There is a quest for her in skyrim and you talk to her through her statue. The central 1 looks like Mara and the one on the right is Dibella.


The weeping woman is in CEP!? I am SO happy that was the only one I couldn’t find!!!

I have a zip file with all of the files needed for the Skyrim items (Statues , trees, logs, foliage, etc) as well as a text file that looks like the 2da entries. I’ve also successfully put them into a hak a while back.

I didn’t bother with the entry #s because I’m pretty sure I edited my 2da to give them their own but the ModelName is there. I have the Skeletons in the same old hak. (I don’t know if some of these are doubles from the CEP and some of them are original or what I just have to go off of what I had)

In addition, I also appear to have a file called divinity2.hak which doesn’t have a 2da involved but when I open it in nwnexplorer there seems to be a lot of what I can only assume are placeables ripped from Divinity…

Anyone know where I could’ve possibly gotten this from? The file says I got it in Sept 2020…

Here’s a selection:


There appear to be 255 models…

If there is interest,
I can get these files and extracts to anyone that wants to include them or repackage them. I’m not the best at this stuff so I’d probably just mess it up somehow.

I don’t find that one in my CEP2.7 install, is there a name to look for?

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This is what it looks like in the hak I salvaged off an old HDD. (Again the entry # probably doesn’t matter)


Update: All of the Skyrim stuff is dafena’s and I have reason to believe the statue (because of the way its named) is theirs as well. That just leaves the Skeletons which since its against the rules to have removed, I may repack at some time and add.

If we have a hak version of those for NWN it would be great.

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I believe they post that stuff to their discord (they recently linked it in showcase in the vault’s discord…

Guess that shows me for being a curmudgeon who prefers forums xD

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Trust me I’m the same way, I made a discord specifically to interact with NWVault just in case. BACK IN MY DAY everyone had their own private forum. Now they have discords…I feel like forums were easier to search.

Anywho! Glad we were able to come together and find all of the placeables :slight_smile: If its ok for me to post the skeletons I’ll (eventually) get on that.

Please do encourage them to post them on the vault proper for us fossils :slight_smile:

The Skyrims can’t be due to the whole legal issues as I understand it