Neverwinter Nights: Searching for Placeables on Vault

There was a whole CCC worth of Elder Scrolls stuff, if memory serves…

[edit] Found it: Custom Content Challenge May 2015: World of the Elder Scrolls | The Neverwinter Vault

I didn’t link to that CCC because the statues weren’t in there.


Apologies - I do have that statue, but it’s not in CEP 2.x after all. I have a small collection of similar statues, which are all in CEP 2.x, except that one.

I normally keep an audit trail of sources, but the entry for this one is missing for reasons unknown.

I see why it might be by dafena, but can’t confirm.

Yes I was mostly bringing it up in light of the comment that such content isn’t allowed. We have plenty fo it on the Vault.

Is it that the theme is allowed, but direct ports are not? I haven’t played Skyrim so I don’t know which are or are not direct ports (I only knew these were after you guys told me).

My understanding is that its OK but they will be taken down if the copyright holder complains. There’s straight ports of content from The Witcher games, Skyrim, Baldur’s Gate III, and Knights of the Old Republic that you can find on the vault.

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Gotcha Gotcha. Well I can rip out the statue and provide you what you need to use it since I don’t even see it available in dafena’s discord if it is indeed theirs (naming structure matches) But I think the easier option would be to just ask them for it. The naming scheme of that statue implied it was some sort of test. Maybe there’s a more finished version (I don’t even know what the asset is from – not sure what ‘ldd’ may stand for). Maybe Divinity? It doesn’t look like Skyrim like the others) I can ask when I get a free moment.

With regard to commercial stuff, have another look at the guidelines above.

For example, The Witcher and KOTOR material definitely appears by kind permission.

If in doubt, don’t assume it’s OK - ask the publisher.

I wonder where that puts things like, “fan created content for another game”, which the TES statues appear to be. I’d personally assume that if its okay with the modmaker in that that case it’s probably OK.

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It’s from Castlevania. It’s on my discord. I’m not going to post my stuff in the vault, it’s against the guidelines :wink:

That’s the way it usually works.


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Thanks! I didn’t know which game it was from because when I originally found it, it was by itself on the vault here.

ldd means Legado de Dendar which was my server back at circa 2017 before it closed. These statues were one of my first placeables on EE and they kind of sucked. Redid them a while ago and they are there to be used.

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