Hey @niv is nwn_erf.exe bugged or is it just me? It just prints out the names of the content real fast but doesn’t write any files to disk at all!

$ ./nwn_erf.exe -f The\ Winds\ of\ Eremor.mod  -x
$ ls
The Winds of Eremor.mod  nwn_key_pack.exe         nwn_key_unpack.exe  nwn_resman_diff.exe     nwn_resman_pkg.exe    nwn_twoda.exe  pcre32.dll
nwn_erf.exe              nwn_key_shadows.exe      nwn_net.exe         nwn_resman_extract.exe  nwn_resman_stats.exe  pcre.dll       pcre64.dll
nwn_gff.exe              nwn_key_transparent.exe  nwn_resman_cat.exe  nwn_resman_grep.exe     nwn_tlk.exe           pcre3.dll

Okay, cloned the latest off github and compiled it. Works flawlessly. Thanks! :smile: