New artist, need help

Hello, I’m new here, drawn in by the release of NWN:EE on Steam.
I’m interested in creating new assets that make use of the pixel shaders and improved lighting, as well as modern graphical horsepower. The kind of stuff seen in the graphical showcases.
I know my way around the 3D art side of things, I’m experienced at modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation. I’m also familiar with the Aurora Toolset as far creating things with the default assets goes. It’s the part in between that I need information on: technical requirements for assets, and exporting and importing processes.

My main issue is finding up-to-date information/tutorials, most of the information I can find is ancient. I find it hard to believe that the community is still using the same software and techniques as 16 years ago. I’ve spotted some references to newer software and techniques, but so far I can’t find any detailed information on them.

So, is anyone aware of some modern NWN asset creation tutorials and where I can find them?

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Welcom VanKhron!
Well, most of the NWN1 tools were written for elderly software (eg. Gmax) and they work(ed) well so far.

The most recent “modern” entry is done for Blender, which is in a stage to be used for NWN1 EE.
Youl’ll need the importer/exporter:

Here are some tutorials regarding Blender and NWN1:

As far as I’m aware of, there are no tutorals on how to implemet the new features (eg. normal and spec maps) yet.

Hops this helps to get you started.

Aw yisssssss. :smiley: Hi!

Adding normal and spec maps to models is super easy. Neverblender exports the model with them right off, if they’re present, and otherwise it’s just a matter of modifying a few lines in the .mdl.

Find the “bitmap” line (bitmap name_of_the_original_texture) and replace it with

renderhint NormalAndSpecMapped

@BlackRider’s links should have you covered far as Neverblender goes, and far as getting the content into the game and how it needs to be set up goes, the old tutorials still relay all the information one needs.

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For the moment I recommend sticking to “bitmap” instead of “texture0” for backwards compatibility with 1.69 and tools (nwnexplorer, nw(g)max, …)

renderhint NormalAndSpecMapped

That’s the way neverblender exports it if there is more than a single texture in a material.

The only outdated info in the Do it in Blender tutorial is how walkmeshes are handled. The Walkmesh Dummy needs to be a child of the Aurora Dummy (you’ll understand after reading the tutorial). The tutorial still says it needs to be separate, i.e. without a parent
Otherwise they are still up to date.

BUT: The is a button which will create all necessary walkmesh objects, dummy nodes, etc for placeables and gives them the necessary names for them to work correctly (in the next update it’ll do so for doors as well)


Thanks for all the help and info guys.
I immediately got busy after posting this thread, but I’m back into looking into this now.

To start, I do think I’ll try and make something for the Custom Content Challenge, mostly as a way to practice getting assets working and into the game.
I’m working on some ideas already.