New Custom Weapon Feats Feature

From the latest 1.80 patch notes:

Customize weapons-related feats in baseitems.2da

Weapons-related feats (Focus, Epic Focus, Spec, Epic Spec, Improved Crit, Overwhelming Crit, Devastating Crit, Weapon of Choice) can now be customised on a per-baseitem case.

Please refer to baseitems.2da for the new columns: WeaponFocusFeat EpicWeaponFocusFeat WeaponSpecializationFeat EpicWeaponSpecializationFeat WeaponImprovedCriticalFeat EpicWeaponOverwhelmingCriticalFeat EpicWeaponDevastatingCriticalFeat WeaponOfChoiceFeat

Has anyone fooled around with this yet? I’m trying to determine what values need to go into these new columns in the 2da. Thinking of doing something for all of the CEP weapons.

you need to create a new feats OR reuse existing ones ie. use feats for kama for sap etc.