New Door Cap tiles in EE 1.80

In EE 1.80, BD added a Door Cap Interior Transition tile to the Castle Interior 2, City Interior 2, and Castle Interior 1 (not working). To use it, first add the desired tile (Round Basement 1x1) and then place the Door Cap over the offending corridor and voila!

Now we can finally have proper rooms without the hall of mirrors corridor!

NOTE: Many of the “Black Blockers” on those room tiles (the back of the mesh over the doors) are set as “neighbors” and they do not work with Keyholing because whoever made them never bothered to UVMap them. That mesh needs to be set to “fading” and a UVMap modifier applied.

Thus, if you see a gap in the toolset when looking into the room from the doorcap, this is why. Supposedly, it was fixed by adding the blocker mesh to the doorcap tile, BUT in all the doorcap tiles I have looked at, NO blocker mesh exists.

I suspect that if the Castle 1 version isn’t working there is probably also a “dead” group (probably a 2x2 with an empty tile) that will no longer work.