New EE Toolset Beta to Try Out

Just noticed this on the BD forums. Have just now downloaded it and will give it a go. (and yes I did double check the date of the first post in the thread - it was the 4th and not the 1st :smiley_cat:).



That’s great news! Hopefully I won’t have any troubles opening up my current modules with it.

I saw the post and was thinking of giving it a try, can you give some feedback Tarot?

Meh, my current mod is on development build, and cannot use the toolset with that.


They released a toolset beta that won’t work with the development build?

Isn’t that kind of backwards?

Sorry, guys, I’m confused. What does it mean for a module to be on “development build” ? I’m assuming it’s different from just “building” a module to test?

Hmm, also just downloaded the new version of the toolset to try out. The instructions aren’t great ( bear in mind I’m on a Mac and using Wine although I’ve had no issues so far). It says to copy the .exe file into the folder after making a backup of the original toolset.exe. I’m guessing that’s instead of the original so why not just drag the original onto my desktop and keep it safe?

(Ignore these next two paragraphs ! Update below.)
It then says that to activate area tabs, I go to the Toolset settings. Where are these? Does it just mean to open a module and go to the Edit menu and area properties or are we talking a whole different place?

Just played about with it and it seems to be working although the tabs are still defeating me. On doing a little reading it seems that on Windows settings can be contained in the .ini file which can be opened in text editors? Surely they don’t want us messing about in there?

UPDATE Ok, I’ve finally found the enable Tab option. It is within the toolset under the “Tools”/“Options” and then area tab. Maybe just me ( and being an ex English teacher) but that could have been put better.

Btw, this version of the toolset flies ! Much quicker ( I hesitate to use the word “snappier” because of its connotations at least in the Mac community !) both in opening, building and the switching areas. No obvious bugs so far. A little disappointed the interface doesn’t look a little more polished. Still looks its age but it works . . . and works better.

A much edited post. Hope it still makes sense. Spotted a little bug. When you create a new area, if you rename it immediately it changes the name on the Tab as well. However, if you leave it then try to use “Rename” later it doesn’t seem to change it on the tab. Also, when reopening a module with two or three areas the tabs don’t all open automatically. They only appear when you view that area in “View Area”. Small point but maybe worth mentioning.

Development build on steam is essentially a patch thats not an official release. It is like for example: You are on patch 1.78 and the toolset is made to work on 1.78 Development is kinda like 1.78.8482 or something, and its ahead of what version the toolset is made to function on.
Hope I explained that well enough.

Thanks. That makes sense.

Still unripe, but some of its functions make it already indispensable to me.

Unfortunately I can’t use it :’-(
It gives errors messages about OpenGL not allowing #include and that it can’t open DrawKeyhole when starting the toolset, but you can click past that, but then the toolset crashes when opening an area.
I read about a confirmed problem with newest Nvidia driver, so rolled back to next newest, but that just changes it from crash on area load to freeze on area load.
Might try an even older driver… or wait for next realease (using development branch)

The features look really good , especially the scaling, looks like expanded rotation options too? Can someone confirm if it’s possible to rotate placeables on all axis now? Make a chair lie down for example?

Thats what happened with the development build.