New Exterior Area to Explore! Graveyard/Cemetery

Just got back into the toolset, and finished up an area to shake of some of the rust. It’s a somewhat large graveyard/cemetery. Tell me what ya’ll think of it.

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I have a hard time doing terrain. Can’t seem to figure out when enough is enough and it always ends up just being messy. This looks pretty good.

looks suitable. personally i am not a big fan of surrounding areas with hills and other obstacles just to block sight in character mode. i also have a feeling that this mindset leads to oversized maps. focus your design on the playable area, and don’t jump through hoops to creatively try to hold up the illusion of there being a big open world outside. you can cramp much more details into your areas if treated as dioramas - something obsidian learned with storm of zehir.

if you have to take screenshots from the toolset, be sure to raise the resolution of the render view to get some decent pictures. alternatively you can play your module, switch to free camera and hide the user interface. there’s also a dm_unlockcamera command, which i never used.

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